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  1. policebaton

    INTRO Spent too much time learning about completely different topics.

    Hav When you learned specific things, what do you mean? Like really specific on that product/market, but not much on the marketing/sales end of the equation? If that's the case, maybe it's sales & marketing that you're missing. There's tons of info out there and without knowing it, businesses...
  2. policebaton

    MEETUPS Digital Meetup - Anyone up for it?

    I met with some Fastlane guys in Florida a couple of times and it was always incredibly valuable. Seems like there are not a lot of conference calls on here (unless I'm missing it), so I'd like to organize some myself. I'd love to hear everyone's ideas/execution, we can do some roundtable...
  3. policebaton

    Your First Selling Experiences?

    You learn through desensitization over time. When I first started doing sales about 5 years ago... I was scared. I thought people would chew me out, and it did happen from time to time, but I eventually stopped caring so much. Most of the time, your prospects aren't going to answer their...
  4. policebaton

    Hey, can anyone suggest a good FREE CRM (for starters)?

    Hubspot has a decent free version, PD I think does too... but if you want to get full function Pipedrive is so great and super simple, and only like $12/month. Lots of integrations with other apps, easy to import/export/get started, etc. Salesforce/hubspot are a little more powerful and a...
  5. policebaton

    EXECUTION Let's Chat Sales

    Sure, jlmk
  6. policebaton

    HOT TOPIC Fed Up With Your Country? Where Is Left to Go?

    Also a great youtube channel/site for this topic is Nomad Capatalist. His spiel is he helps high net worth clients get better tax rates and live abroad, I'm not in that category but still get a ton of info from his youtube channels.
  7. policebaton

    EXECUTION Let's Chat Sales

    Nice guys. I've been in B2B ad sales for about 5 years if you want to get a guest on. I work in a tiny company that makes us wear many hats, and it's very untraditional. We don't have quotas, no working hours, the boss treats us super well, no training, figure it out on your own, and learn to...
  8. policebaton

    HOT TOPIC Fed Up With Your Country? Where Is Left to Go?

    I've been digital nomadding for a little over 2 years, from Bulgaria, to romania, Thailand, turkey, now Ukraine. You can easily get some 100k passports in the Carribean, you can also get entrepreneurship visa in many countries with a good immigration lawyer. Colombia, Mexico, and Argentina all...
  9. policebaton

    EXECUTION B2B Sales Tools I use Everyday (Video Example)

    That's so sweet. Verifying single ones on there looks quicker than the ones I mentioned above Yeah I'm sure you can run a boolean for them... but idk if you'll be able to do it en masse. Lmk if you figure anything out
  10. policebaton

    EXECUTION B2B Sales Tools I use Everyday (Video Example)

    Awesome I will check this out. Lusha/hunter is pretty decent but could be better. Get personal emails/wrong emails sometimes. Terrific thank you. f*ck dude. Did you have premium? I think Microsoft got in trouble with the gov't for banning people for duxsoup/scraping a couple years back and...
  11. policebaton

    EXECUTION B2B Sales Tools I use Everyday (Video Example)

    I've been in B2B ad sales for 5 years. Really worked hard on reducing my brainpower on simple things and multiplying myself, here's how I do it: Loom (Example Video below, here's the link if that doesn't work... never tried embedding it in a forum) Post thread | The Fastlane Entrepreneur...
  12. policebaton

    EXECUTION Getting First Client - Free for Social Proof?

    My idea is to create VR training simulations for the industrial segment. I have 5 years in B2B sales, but no experience in this sector (except some training and dev courses). I was thinking of finding a client to do either free or super low cost work just to get my foot in the door. Then I came...
  13. policebaton

    Getting insider info on how manufacturing employees are trained?

    I need to gain some insight as to how employees are trained on the manufacturing floor. Basic things like how is a normal manufacturing engineer/plant worker trained on assembling equipment, how much that training costs, and any pitfalls they have with it. Any ideas? There isn't much...
  14. policebaton

    WEB/DIGITAL Starting to make a virtual reality education project, can I bounce ideas off of you?

    My plan is to make healthcare based VR education apps, still working on where I want to aim. I've got a few years of B2B marketing & sales experience, and this idea has been bothering me for years. I've been working at a VR dev company for free for a few months getting some great knowledge...
  15. policebaton

    Thoughts on creating an outsourcing company?

    I am from the USA and living in Bulgaria now, I've made a pretty decent network of young guys who are smart, speak english, and usually work for a USA company. I have thought about creating an outsourcing platform recruiting people from this area, similar to upwork to work for USA companies...
  16. policebaton

    EXECUTION Creating a digital marketing business | $2K Monthly Goal

    There's tonsss of digital marketing agencies out there... but at the same time there's tons of companies needing a good one. So just work on honing in on your craft and differentiating yourself in your niche. Learn some good salesmanship, and provide a solid service. I started one a while back...
  17. policebaton

    Quitting to create competing and better business?

    I believe that they are, I would make a 100% clean break from them without taking any customer lists.... but the tricky part is, his family is litigation lawyers... and I know they'd likely try to drag me through the mud. Just gauging how I would best go about this. Right now just going to...
  18. policebaton

    Quitting to create competing and better business?

    Fortunately I have no non-competes, non-solicits, or NDA's with them
  19. policebaton

    Quitting to create competing and better business?

    Anybody done this before? I am contemplating doing this after saving some capital. Some details- Current employment is a niche publication, getting the majority of its money from the print advertising, and some from digital (maybe a 70/30 split). I have many clients who buy print ads and don't...
  20. policebaton

    HOT TOPIC Will smoking weed make me lazy/hurt my (good) mindset?

    I would advise definitely wait until you are at least in your 20's man. I started before your age, and still unsure if it had any bad effects or not and I always wonder. When you start smoking weed, it gives you some feel good chemicals artificially, and can mess with your reward center of...
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