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  1. Youngkody

    HOT TOPIC How to use forums (and Facebook groups)

    This is very insightful for me.. I recently signed up for a bunch of forums to promote my blog site (which is new to me cause I've never participated in forums before).. I came across the Fast Lane forum and I'm actually loving it.. going to try to contribute as much as I can.. Last night I...
  2. Youngkody

    HOT TOPIC What to "Unlearn"?

    I work on myself constantly but can't say I've mastered self just yet; slowly taming the beast within :somber:
  3. Youngkody

    HOT TOPIC Sheep mentality in the gaming community

    @Weixin Yes sheep mentality is displayed everywhere and its significantly displayed by the gamer community. Living in a fantasy world will never bring us life's simple pleasures. We're so fixated on progression in our virtual worlds we neglect the real world altogether.
  4. Youngkody

    Curse or a Blessing?

    I'm a lot like how you described yourself.. learn to give yourself to the flow of the universe... sometimes you'll be super motivated/inspired other times you'll just want to relax and self-medicate.. whatever it is just be at ease with your choices.. we all need balance don't let overthinking...
  5. Youngkody

    HOT TOPIC How can you maximize your chances of becoming a multi billionaire?

    @becks22 lmao its a sad world we live in
  6. Youngkody

    HOT TOPIC How can you maximize your chances of becoming a multi billionaire?

    Probably better odds working for females than males *just saying* haha
  7. Youngkody

    MEETUPS Fastlane Fantasy Football (2017-18!)

    @MJ DeMarco I'd love to join the Fast Lane Fantasy Football league if yous would have me! Can't wait for the 2017 NFL season to kickoff. FLY EAGLES FLY!! When does the drafting process begin?
  8. Youngkody

    HOT TOPIC How can you maximize your chances of becoming a multi billionaire?

    Becoming a multibillionaire is almost impossible for the ordinary person but to maximize your chances: - make sure your parents are movie stars or top sports athletes (lol) - focus on earning rather than spending - invest, invest, invest - make your money work for you; buy low sell high - start...
  9. Youngkody

    INTRO Big dream trouble

    Stop collecting ideas and start taking action. Decide on action steps and strive for movement. We can collect tons of great ideas and philosophies but will they really improve our quality of living if we never take action to make them real. This was my problem.. I knew I had issues and I was...
  10. Youngkody

    HOT TOPIC Quote of the Day - QOTD

    All I want before we're finished is for us to say we did it, that's all.
  11. Youngkody

    HOT TOPIC What to "Unlearn"?

    Unlearn: Codependence Competitiveness Greed Learn: Independence Self-Acceptance The value of sharing Realistically we're all so consumed by materialism and consumerism, we need to learn to break our controlling habits and learn to live free from attachment; of course that's always easier said...
  12. Youngkody

    Getting in the "zone" or "flow"

    @Camilo Ardiles Everyone has processes that are most efficient and most suited for them. For me, I like to make sure all my other work is done before applying myself to something. I like to make sure I have no other worries aside from what it is I'm doing at the current moment. Make sure your...
  13. Youngkody

    INTRO New to the journey

    @BuckF welcome to FastLane and best of luck on your new project!
  14. Youngkody

    INTRO Hello

    Thanks for the warm welcomes! @OldFaithful No I haven't read the books yet, I'll definitely take the time to check em out though
  15. Youngkody

    INTRO Hello

    I appreciate the honesty, thanks for clearing things up! I'll try my best to partcipate as frequent as possible
  16. Youngkody

    INTRO Hello

    Thanks Andy I appreciate the quick answer! I'll definitely do my best to stick around.. I'm kind of new to forums but if I was to stick to one Fast Lane would be the one, love the concept.
  17. Youngkody

    INTRO Hello

    Hi my names Kody Young from Cornwall Ontario Canada.. was wondering.. am I able to post my blogs on this site? and if so whats the best way to go about it?
  18. Youngkody

    Hi Andy, I was wondering.. Am I allowed to feature my blogs on the fast lane forum?

    Hi Andy, I was wondering.. Am I allowed to feature my blogs on the fast lane forum?
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