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  1. A way of life

    Having difficulties finding problems on Twitter

    I respect the harsh words thank you need more of it. This is my thought process maybe it's not the best what do I know I'm new. I read page 267 in unscripted and wanted to try what Mj demarco was telling. I was thinking about getting a lot of business problem this week so I could get some idea...
  2. A way of life

    Having difficulties finding problems on Twitter

    I have been having difficulties finding problems on Twitter when using #Ihate ,#Imtiredof etc and searching for "Why is this like this? , "I wish there was" etc. Anyone that has used Twitter to find problems got any ideas on how I could search better for better results.
  3. A way of life

    How to find a need / problem?

    I go on twitter and search for #Ihate etc and all I see is crap am i missing something?
  4. A way of life

    Hear the market (Need help understanding social media)

    I just reread page 267 in unscripted and gives examples that I should search for keywords as I hate, This sucks, I'm tired of etc on Facebook or Twitter. I tried doing that and all I get is random crap memes and other stuff. I don't really use social media so I may miss something super obvious...
  5. A way of life

    NOTABLE! Your worst entrepreneurial failure... details please!

    What is the best plan to validate your ide before executing
  6. A way of life

    I am an action faker.

    I understand how you feel the truth is it probably will never feel bad enough. You may have moments weeks when it feels that bad but they may not last.
  7. A way of life

    I am an action faker.

    I would say the better way of thinking about it is Success and habits are more about what you need to stop doing than start doing. I would highly recommend you to stop playing games altogether or every day will be a battle. When you have no other choice than working on your business everything...
  8. A way of life

    I am an action faker.

    @Jeff Noel I know your problem about gaming. The only solution I see is quit playing games altogether. A few days ago I decided to block everything that made me lazy and it has been a nice experience this far. I blocked chess, I blocked Anime, I deleted League of Legends, I blocked manga, I...
  9. A way of life

    NOTABLE! If you could only pass on one life lesson to everyone on this forum, what would it be?

    Learn from your daily mistakes, Stop making the same mistake every day.
  10. A way of life

    Why do we keep stalling

    True it's so fun to help others makes you so happy
  11. A way of life

    Why do we keep stalling

    I think it's good to have a vision where you wanna be and what kind of websites you wanna do. In the programming world, you don't have to learn everything. I haven't taken any real action yet so well I can't say anything to your comment that would make me a hypocrite but there is no point in...
  12. A way of life

    Why do we keep stalling

    Hello, my Name is Sebastian, this is my first serious post haven't done an introduction but I just wanted to get this out of my mind. Why do we keep stalling? Have you ever found yourself ready to take action but then something comes up that you just have to do before you take action that's me...
  13. A way of life

    RANT I Have Lost My Way

    @Costafarian I would take a day/week as long as you need to just sit down and think. I would start with nothing and just ask myself questions and try to find solutions. Just sit down and try to find your way what you really want to do. That's the best thing when you're unsure. Me myself am...
  14. A way of life

    Bookmark Your Favorite Posts

    I make word documents and copy paste what i feel is useful and copy paste the link where i took it so if i need more information i reread the post
  15. A way of life

    OFF-TOPIC Luminance monitor settings

    Hello, I sit in front a 27-inch screen 60 cm from the screen a lot. I always hated reading long times on the computer while doing research I feel dizzy sometimes. Only recently I thought maybe it was my luminance settings being too bright and I changed it. I have had a headache for 3 days now I...
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