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  1. JAWS

    Do Short Term Rentals have the risk of being a commodity?

    Hi ya'll, I run an airbnb management firm in Chicago with 42+ homes. In my opinion, as venture-backed firms come into this space, it is not a question of becoming a commodity, but at what point does supply and demand hit an inflection point. It is hard to copy intrinsic property...
  2. JAWS

    Helping Owners/Investors Put Their Homes on Autopilot for Effortless Rental Income

    Helping Owners/Investors Put Their Homes on Autopilot for Effortless Rental Income
  3. JAWS

    Multifamily Returns - MTM Leasing vs. Airbnb ?

    Agreed. This is a big risk. I don't control the distribution channel for potential guests. There are a few companies in Chicago that have done BnB and short-term corporate rentals for years before Airbnb. It seems like finding a direct channel for Bnb's or corporate travelers would decrease...
  4. JAWS

    Multifamily Returns - MTM Leasing vs. Airbnb ?

    How do returns compare for a yearly lease vs. Airbnb business? I have a 3 flat in Chicago and want to get the most "bang for my buck." I came across this... Airbnb Rental Profit: $16,632 Airbnb 2-Bed Rental Data (June 2016 - May 2017) Fulll-time 2-Bed Rentals: 556 Occupancy Rate: 63.5%...
  5. JAWS

    EXECUTION New Website to Help Smaller Office/Medical Tenants

    Beginning to market across the country via Craigslist and Social media. We have somewhat validated the concept by using Craigslist as a tool for our commercial real estate brokerage. We've had 1 to 3 firms replying to our ad about office space for about a year (about 70+ leads - 3 we helped...
  6. JAWS

    EXECUTION New Website to Help Smaller Office/Medical Tenants

    My firm has been in the office brokerage business for 50 years, but with the Internet it is now easier than ever to shop your own office space. But what about making the deal? Most people have no idea that leasing office/medical space is NOT like buying a for the smaller tenants who...
  7. JAWS

    Jump right in or get a mentor first?

    I lean toward the mentor side because that is my current situation. My mentor is phenomenal and is a pioneer in my current industry. But... I am sure there are pros / cons for both sides. A (good) mentor will: increase your learning curve (in the skills you choose to focus on and build) build...
  8. JAWS

    How To Develop Mental Toughness Using Navy Seal's 40% Rule

    Love it. Nice little piece and a reminder of how weak (as a species we have become).
  9. JAWS

    NOTABLE! Live Rent Free in Multiple Countries

    I really don't know, but yes. You (being in this market) know better than me and can better predict the % deviation per investment, which is both positive or negative.
  10. JAWS

    The process known as Grinding.

    "Reps and Sets" -Arnold Schwarzenegger
  11. JAWS

    NOTABLE! Live Rent Free in Multiple Countries

    The Delta in your occupancy rate per month. But given what you said, it may be higher...
  12. JAWS

    NOTABLE! Live Rent Free in Multiple Countries

    I agree with your model, but my trouble is the volatility that will come in estimating these occupancy rates. Do you use a certain time duration to measure this (1-3 years back)? I guess that is where the "art" of the deal comes in so the issue isn't what you are doing (because you already...
  13. JAWS

    O/T: HEALTH wanna buy water filter pitcher (not affilitated)
  14. JAWS

    NOTABLE! Live Rent Free in Multiple Countries

    For cash gross cap / net cash yield, keep in mind that vacancy will be much more volatile (given people are renting these for days, weeks, months). I would add 5-15%, depending on location/heat of market, into the model.
  15. JAWS

    REAL ESTATE Crazy Cap Rates

    Sam does that such a large scale that he can give us insight for macro-market trends. He looks for distressed assets he can buy below replacement cost...on 100x SCALE to most of us. With that, I think following his deal flows (ie SEC filings) and investing in smaller assets can be valuable...
  16. JAWS

    Where to bank?

    Online high-interest savings accounts and local bank for business
  17. JAWS

    GOLD! STOP Paying Rent: Live For Free

    @swimkid Find an investor - high net worth individual, a bank, or hard money. (High net worth will probably be best for you. Banks require personal guarantees & hard money lenders are best when flipping a place) Find a run-down place, partner with a contractor, and then fix her up. It all...
  18. JAWS

    REAL ESTATE Keys to Buying with Creative Seller Fianancing

    What is your proposition when you ask a motivated seller to delay payments for a year? Is this for a rehab or any property?
  19. JAWS

    REAL ESTATE Nooby Real-Estate question(s)

    You can find determinants for an area on popular RE websites (Trulia, Redfin, etc). There you will find School rankings and more. It is important to note what types of jobs are in certain areas - the world moves quick (ask the newspapers).
  20. JAWS


    Waiting for my Uncle to reinstate the original content on the website. @WalterBellhaven Great idea! Thank you
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