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  1. HabitsCampaigner

    How to read book fast?

    Or maybe 3.
  2. HabitsCampaigner

    GOLD! Why success and "living Unscripted" is like winning a rigged carnival game...

    This is key and I struggle with this sometimes. I have identified a part of myself I pushed down most of my life. I call him ‘Killer’ and have to willfully call upon him now. At least I found him; in time to fight the enemies within and without. Oh wow. Amen to that . I was just reading in a...
  3. HabitsCampaigner

    Managing Money as a recent college graduate [Ideas Needed]

    Are those three: business, real estate and Icos?
  4. HabitsCampaigner

    HOT TOPIC Can an entrepreneur ever own a dog?

    That’s great @Antifragile After I wanted to see what it’d be like to do it in reverse order. Always meant to try that since Stephen Covey’s book. I thought about filming something quickly but I don’t have the time - haha… or the golf balls. Then I realized (duh!) someone might have already done...
  5. HabitsCampaigner

    When Life Gives Kids Lemons

    Yeah I debated the other day as I was in ‘saving’ mode. Then I saw how persistent and friendly these kids were. They loved my dogs (major value add) ;-) I got some change and came back. 50 cents for a totally great exchange with the neighbors and some delicious lemonade.
  6. HabitsCampaigner

    Possible solution to create a non-drinking culture?

    I already don’t drink so I’ll take your $350/year ;-) I love that you also don’t drink but I’m not clear on your solution. You still seem to be out a lot of money. And you’d have to replace this vehicle with another healthier vehicle that meets so many needs. If drinking gives Joe a feeling...
  7. HabitsCampaigner

    INTRO Which book i should read? (14 yo)

    Great point. I’m glad you caught that. I noticed that too earlier in the thread but forgot to mention it. If you want, save the money you’d spend on Millionaire Next Door (unless you can get it for free) and just be frugal as you build your first Productocrasy. By the way Prince, it would not...
  8. HabitsCampaigner

    INTRO Which book i should read? (14 yo)

    Awesome, Prince. Keep up the great work. Read one of those books and let me know how it goes. You will also enjoy Richard Branson’s autobiographies. That guy went through some crazy experiences!
  9. HabitsCampaigner

    OFF-TOPIC this website is so well built.

    What is done to make the management and content so good, on a regular basis?
  10. HabitsCampaigner

    When Life Gives Kids Lemons

    I’m curious…
  11. HabitsCampaigner

    NOTABLE! What is the BEST "value" you ever paid for?

    This Daylio has been one amazing thing I've learned on this thread. My daughter loves it too.
  12. HabitsCampaigner

    HOT TOPIC Can an entrepreneur ever own a dog?

    :happy: love that Norm - RIP. And I agree this thread is awesome. @genesisk5 just keep an eye out for a rescue that is at least mostly SP for when you are working on your own terms and can hang with the dog while you work. Trust your heart. And thanks for asking. So great to see the best...
  13. HabitsCampaigner

    How to read book fast?

    Prince, great that you asked this. @maximusharrison I’m glad you reminded me of this. If you enjoy it, playing audiobooks at 1.5 to 2.5 the speed helps. I miss the ability to write in the book but do it when running, working out (and I can use a break from the music), doing yard work, dishes...
  14. HabitsCampaigner

    How to read book fast?

    Yes. This was the question that popped into my head one time when I was with Tony Robbins: what do you use to speed read. Afterwards I was kicking myself: couldn’t I have thought of something else to ask him? But no one else was asking anything and I wanted to help get the ball rolling. Read...
  15. HabitsCampaigner

    HOT TOPIC Can an entrepreneur ever own a dog?

    It’s all about what YOU value. You can (and should) make your life full of feelings you want to feel. As for me, my values show: 4 kids, 3 dogs, all adopted. My wife is the most amazing woman I’ve met (and to boot she helps with the dogs). I agree: keep it to one small dog if you just have a...
  16. HabitsCampaigner

    Do you think that the web service based business model will still be relevant for a long time?

    I had a concern pop up about this when finalizing my idea yesterday. After analyzing the thought, I decided there are millions of miles left on the web services model. It all comes back to - what is the need, the problem people are already paying money to solve, and can you add more value to...
  17. HabitsCampaigner

    Website idea to connect photographers with buyers

    Good thoughts. I never want to discourage anyone but after being in this niche for 25 years, I would not recommend it. Your thinking is guiding you right.
  18. HabitsCampaigner

    Can’t find the need?

    I appreciate these reminder @OleksiyRybakov Just as @Vasili27 mentioned, even though I’ve read this in MJ’s books, reading your post made it click. This thread is quickly becoming a favorite. Your post @Andy Black is excellent. After reading this thread yesterday, I finally got clear on my...
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