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  1. A way of life

    Having difficulties finding problems on Twitter

    I have been having difficulties finding problems on Twitter when using #Ihate ,#Imtiredof etc and searching for "Why is this like this? , "I wish there was" etc. Anyone that has used Twitter to find problems got any ideas on how I could search better for better results.
  2. A way of life

    Hear the market (Need help understanding social media)

    I just reread page 267 in unscripted and gives examples that I should search for keywords as I hate, This sucks, I'm tired of etc on Facebook or Twitter. I tried doing that and all I get is random crap memes and other stuff. I don't really use social media so I may miss something super obvious...
  3. A way of life

    Why do we keep stalling

    Hello, my Name is Sebastian, this is my first serious post haven't done an introduction but I just wanted to get this out of my mind. Why do we keep stalling? Have you ever found yourself ready to take action but then something comes up that you just have to do before you take action that's me...
  4. A way of life

    OFF-TOPIC Luminance monitor settings

    Hello, I sit in front a 27-inch screen 60 cm from the screen a lot. I always hated reading long times on the computer while doing research I feel dizzy sometimes. Only recently I thought maybe it was my luminance settings being too bright and I changed it. I have had a headache for 3 days now I...
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