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  1. UncleIroh

    EXECUTION Execution of Ecommerce store

    Hey guys. You may remember me from the thread that ask your advice on a deal I was considering. We decided not to do it with him. We will be travelling into the US next week to set everything up. We will talk to our suppliers, we will buy some inventory, rent a macro lens to take photos, set...
  2. UncleIroh

    HOT TOPIC Would you do this deal? Need the opinion of fellow entrepreneurs

    Hello guys. How are you? Would like your opinion on this deal I have been considering. My family and I own a pretty succesful business in Europe. They have been doing this for over 20 years so they know the business. Lately, we have been considering expanding. At first, we wanted to set up...
  3. UncleIroh

    MEETUPS Someone in NYC?

    Hey guys! I will be in NYC from 02/16 to 02/22. Is someone there and wants to meetup?
  4. UncleIroh

    Increased My Hourly Price ----> Daily Interview Invitations + I need help regarding mindset

    Hey! As some of you may know I have been doing some copywriting gigs on Upwork (Not the best place but made some money), I got really bored of writing copy and decided to change my profile completely to marketing consultant. I set up my price to 35 dollars hourly and changed my profile to fit...
  5. UncleIroh

    Compilation of gold worth posts, articles and resources

    Hey How are you today? I have compiled a few articles, posts and resources that I found to be very helpful. I have grouped them depending on the category. Facebook Custom Audience Targeting: 101-Point Guide to Master Facebook Custom Audiences Facebook Ads Study Trying to Disprove Some...
  6. UncleIroh

    The Ultimate Secret Tactic Black Friday Marketing

    Cards against humanity managed to make people pay them for nothing in an Anti-black Friday campaign. In 2016: Holiday Hole: Cards Against Humanity's latest Black Friday stunt - In 2015: In 2014: This Game Company Sold 30,000 Boxes Of Bull...
  7. UncleIroh

    WEB/DIGITAL Ecommerce Assesment Checklist. Great to go through before launching your store!

    Hey guys! How are you? I have found this handy checklist today on Reddit. It will be useful for people who are interested or about to lunch their ecommerce stores. Here it is: eCommerce Assessment Good luck Mark
  8. UncleIroh

    Steve Jobs Predicts Apple's Downfall

    Great video explaining why you should not only focus on sales and marketing but also on providing an awesome product. (Disclaimer: Found this on reddit)
  9. UncleIroh

    REAL ESTATE Inmigrating to the US?

    Hey guys! How are you today? Today I was discussing with my family the idea of leaving behind our country, Argentina, to go live to the US seeking for better life conditions. We don't have a bad life here, but we just really like the states and we want a change. We are a family of 4: my 60 year...
  10. UncleIroh

    Thank you

    Thank you for existing. This forum and its members literally change lives. It's not something that happens everywhere. You can ask someone what changed his/her life and most people don't know, or they just led their dreams go or are still waiting for something to happen. If you are still...
  11. UncleIroh

    My booklist

    Hey guys! Just wanted to share my booklist. They are all books that were recommended by people with fastlane mentality. It might be useful if you dont know what to read. Feel free to add any new books. Here it goes: Coaching questions 48 laws of power Time management ebook be our guest 40...
  12. UncleIroh

    How to Strike Up Conversation with People

    Hey! I need to improve a lot in being able to speak to strangers outside of an activity. I feel that I am missing out opportunities to meet new people because of this. I tried using the search function and I couldn't find any thread related to this For example, I hit the gym six days a week...
  13. UncleIroh

    Go Watch MJ's Youtube Channel if You Still Haven't

    Two days ago I found MJ's youtube channel. He has some great advice on it. MJ keep doing videos! Why did you stop? They are great. Anyways here is the link to it: My favorite so far is the one about starting to pull instead of pushing for success
  14. UncleIroh

    Attracting investors: Is a website mockup worth it?

    Hey! Today I designed how a possible website would look for my idea by hand on five A4 papers. I included for example what would the header look like and what do some of the features do. But I dont know if paying a freelancer (average 100 dollars) is worth it for getting a good looking mockup...
  15. UncleIroh

    HOT TOPIC Is insiders worth it?

    Hey! I am considering joining the insiders. I have to say that I am still 20, learning a lot each day. Investing on books. Today my mindset completely changed. Thanks to this post: and by James...
  16. UncleIroh

    WEB/DIGITAL Using facebook and instagram to promote an app idea?

    Hey guys. I have an app idea. I want to hire a programmer and graphic designer for devoloping it. I was thinking on creating an instagram and facebook page to start getting some audience and test the waters. Get some feedback if people in the niche would like something like this. But Its still...
  17. UncleIroh

    One of the best pieces of text I had read. Please take the time to read it Its just great. I will start right away with the ten ideas a day.
  18. UncleIroh

    Trump as a businessman?

    I have been reading the trump book "Think big" and so far its pretty good. He has a really good mentality. Many of the concepts he speaks about are pretty related to the fastlane ones. "The harder I work, the luckier I get" What do you feel of him as a businessman?
  19. UncleIroh

    O/T: HEALTH How much sleep do you get?

    Today I started reading one of Trump's books and he tells how he only sleeps 4 hours at night. I started researching on this and came up with this article: Sleeping less would really increase my free...
  20. UncleIroh

    Where to get capital?

    Hey guys! How are you? This is my first post. I want to ask you something that always trouble me. I will give two examples related to my parents. As I said, I live in Argentina so it might be a little bit different to the states. My dad is a one man ps4 game distribution. He constantly re...
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