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  1. HabitsCampaigner

    When Life Gives Kids Lemons

    I’m curious…
  2. HabitsCampaigner

    When It Comes Time to Name the Brand

    I highly recommend The Naming Book by Brad Flowers. If you want more of a scientific method for going through this process, the author shares everything you’ll need to get clear. This will help you find a business name or domain name (if different) that is easy to remember, unique, and easy to...
  3. HabitsCampaigner

    VR Virtual Reality: What is Your Opinion on Timing?

    Is the wave finally arriving? Is it too niche / not enough people doing it, and needing a solution/entertainment? I’ve seen some threads on enterprise and such but wanted to ask: do you know of any stories or research resources to gauge current market?
  4. HabitsCampaigner

    Elements of Value

    1) On page 259 of UNSCRIPTED, MJ writes about value attributes. This is a stellar chapter that I highly recommend - esp the 13 ways to find valuable opportunities. I’m committed to processing my notes on UNSCRIPTED and getting to clarity about the customer need I will serve, before I dive into...
  5. HabitsCampaigner

    Inventing the next "hand job" or web tool VS. building a platform

    MJ and Fastlane Friends, I have been digging, searching, overturning every rock... looking for that next solution I can invent (my experience has been in web development, business building, writing). I find myself diving headlong into starting up a podcast, building up my following on social...
  6. HabitsCampaigner

    Alternatives to Topsy

    Searching for the most outstanding CENTS business idea for me, I looked up Topsy to learn that it is no more. This site lists a few alternatives: What do you use, if anything, to search for "I hate... I have to... frustrating... I wish" etc? I...
  7. HabitsCampaigner

    Refer a GREAT Accountant (or Attorney)

    Apologies if this has been posted. I could not find it when searching. Does anyone LOVE their accountant and/or attorney? I am US-based but I suppose that with Zoom, etc., these A+ A's don't need to live near me. Maybe state law matters so I am currently in MO but aiming to move back to CA (or...
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