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  1. lie

    Most Successful FLers To Learn From

    You asked around the fields, but the don't always pay off, or especially hard you are just starting out. So, suggested by commented last weekend, Take some of the mystery out of salary. If you are willing to play, leave a comment with the following information: Job geographic area...
  2. lie

    FORUM NEWS Anonymous Donor Comes Forward, Gives Insider Sub

    I actually feel undeserving of this. Someone told me , "God helps those who help you". Even though, I still feel like I need those people who participate in the thread more than need me for my own therapy to keep going. I wish they all could split a day on the inside and enjoy this with me. Now...
  3. lie

    EXECUTION Starting a writing career... I guess

    Launching a freelance writing career all about you may be looking the wrong career direction. Starting writing career becomes published author in five steps.. 1-Do you Research. 2-Dive platform building 3-learn process. 4- select the right niche 5- writing job boards
  4. lie

    HOT TOPIC Your Social Network Pages (Facebook, Twitter, etc)

    Facebook easily the largest social networking site in the world and one of the most widely used WeChat Tumblr Instagram Twitter
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