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  1. kurtyordy

    O/T: FUNNY LOL this post from RK is funny

    According to him, just about every business and investment is a ponzi scheme except for MLM. Too funny
  2. kurtyordy

    Job Loss ideas [Some Great Ideas for Generating Cash When Needed]

    Trying to help a few guys who are currently unemployed or underemployed due to the current economy. What I am looking for is some service type businesses that can be built off more effort than skill if that makes sense. Two ideas I had are driveway sealcoating and junk removal. Looking for...
  3. kurtyordy

    The Emotions of Being a Trader

    I thought some of you might find this interesting. It is a three part series about 8 people taken from novice to trading at trading desk levels. It does not get into any of the thinking behind investing but does highlight the emotions very well. Part 1 Million Dollar Traders (Full Series 1 of...
  4. kurtyordy

    OFF-TOPIC Rich Dad Poor Dad Bankrupt?

    Thought you guys would find this interesting- Rich Dad, Poor Dad now a bankrupt dad: Best-selling author files for corporate bankruptcy after losing $24m judgement | Mail Online
  5. kurtyordy

    OFF-TOPIC There are still good people in this world

    Touching video of unknown men lifting disabled boy to their shoulders during music concert so that he could see | Mail Online
  6. kurtyordy

    O/T: FUNNY Things that make you crap your pants"] feature=player_embedded
  7. kurtyordy

    Free Invention Idea

    The techonology exists for this, I just do not have the inclination to figure out how to put the pieces together. A digital scale that automatically interfaces and posts to your FB wall. You could be from humorous to serious. Examples: Kurt weighed in today. The baby elephant is growing...
  8. kurtyordy

    Forex Trading

    does anyone know or understand why so many forex brokers no longer deal with US residents?
  9. kurtyordy

    OFF-TOPIC Night Sky Radiation Cooling

    I know this is wayy of topic here, but I also know there are some fellow nerds among us. (actually I am a wannabe nerd). Asking here will broaden some of the forum reach in google to a different class of nerds.So to save me from having to run tests before I begin my experiment, here is my...
  10. kurtyordy

    WEB/DIGITAL Has Your Site Been Hacked?

    Mine was and after many attempts to fix it I finally have. Here is how you can as well if your hack is similar. Help! My Sites have Been Hacked!- I fixed mine and so can you! at Seo Bloodhound- SEO Testing Done Right
  11. kurtyordy

    WEB/DIGITAL Scroogle is dead some of you this means nothing. For others, it is a reason to mourn.
  12. kurtyordy

    Ideas that are Bigger than Yourself

    Something I have struggled with my whole life is that many ideas I have are so big that they are bigger than I know what to do with. By this I mean I wouldn't even know how to make a plan of attack because then next 15 steps allude me. I see many other threads started here with the same...
  13. kurtyordy

    WEB/DIGITAL Very Cool Video Marketing Tool

    I came across this doing some looking around mixergy. Seems like an awesome tool to build your site using video and twitter.TweetPerView: Prompt viewers to tweet before they can watch your video
  14. kurtyordy

    WEB/DIGITAL My Ping list

    Below is the ping list I use for the auto update services settings in wp. 75 on the list. Feel free to add to the list if you have some that I am missing and I will update this list up here and once my edit ability is locked out we can beg a mod to do it for us. I tested these about 1 year...
  15. kurtyordy

    Product source

    I am looking to buy some of these- to their pricing- very high per btu, and their reputation (some people say government investigating) I am looking for an alternative source. I know they are sourced in china, but not sure where.looking for...
  16. kurtyordy

    O/T: FUNNY The Web Design Process

    After dabbling in this for years, this is the most accurate description of the process I have yet to come across. How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell - The Oatmeal
  17. kurtyordy

    OFF-TOPIC Must See Movie

    I have yet to see a movie that more accurately portrays the pain and suffering of being a sidewalker. Visioneers (2008) - IMDb
  18. kurtyordy

    WEB/DIGITAL Can someone give me some cron job help?

    bought a new plugin that needs a cron job to run. setcronjob cannot work because it uses ip security so unless you come from the domain ip, you cannot see it. the command is /usr/bin/curl -s ''...
  19. kurtyordy

    Amazing 12 yr old app developer

    iPad app developer Thomas Suarez aged TWELVE gives amazing talk at TEDxManhattanBeach | Mail Online
  20. kurtyordy

    WEB/DIGITAL What to do with $3,000- a new case study.

    As jonleehacker pointed out in the other test I am running, I am really testing which 6th grader is best for my professional tug of war team. This test will be a little different. I am still not using any high pr backlinks, my goal is to turn some of these backlinks into high pr backlinks...
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