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    what discipline really means?

    Discipline means you have to obey the rules that are defined to make things organized. Even when you're at home have to ask you to live your life in a disciplined way like woke-up in the early morning, be at the dining table at a specific time etc. Basically, these are the unwritten rules that...
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    INTRO At 26 owns 1,300 rental properties

    It's really inspiring for others who want to become real estate entrepreneurs. If share his story from 1st real estate property to 1300 property that will be nice.
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    INTRO Let's begin the fastlane adventure!!

    First of all welcome to the Fastlane. Now, I think nobody has special gifts by birth, the exception is everywhere. You have to develop it by your own, you have to identify that in what skills you are good at or there is something you have that you can do with expertise. Once you recognise that...
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    INTRO Hey everybody! Question: What skill should I pursue? Details below

    I would also prefer to go for communication and negotiation. This is what many of us don't know or say what should we say and how to say to please the opposition and many organizations have special team which is working in sales or BD team to crack a deal with the client. and that makes you more...
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    INTRO From real estate to business owner

    Interesting story! Growing in Real Estate Industry need huge investment. Real Estate industry is like more you invest more you grow. As a real estate developer working since last 35 years I never feel that I have to shift to other business.
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    HOT TOPIC The Great Rat-Race Escape by MJ DeMarco, Now Available (All formats!)

    Congrats MJ DeMarco. All the best, I wish that your book will reach the milestone that you have expected.
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    What are your thoughts on spending money on vacation?

    Yup, you are right. Traveling is like investing that will help you out in future. It not an expenditure. See, when you traveling somewhere you are about to open yourself to adopt new things, new culture, new taste and a new thought. When you meet a new people everyday, after spending some time...
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    To rent or buy in 2021?

    I think it depends on the situation and your financial capability. But what I think is to getting an own property or say house gives you relax & peace rather than rented a property. what if you don't need to pay $1000 rent, that all sum of money you are going to either save or spend on other...
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