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    GOLD! Not Fulfilled? Depressed? Maybe You Need An Alignment

    I agree with some of the OP but also find it a little bit limiting in terms of thinking. For happiness, your self-image and actions should be congruent. Basically, you are happiest when you are acting and behaving as your ideal self. But you somewhat define what that ideal self is...
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    HOT TOPIC -Caution- My wife's doing MLM

    There are millions of product your wife could buy and attempt to resell for a profit. Why did she choose this one? The above is what I don't get about the people who join MLMs.
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    BOOK Can I criticize (or hate) a book I haven't read entirely?

    I skip ahead. If I don't like some part of a book I skip ahead to the end of that section and try to find the concluding summary. Then it's on to the next chapter, section, whatever. You don't have to read a book all or nothing and you don't have to read a book front to back. There are a few...
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    BOOK Can I criticize (or hate) a book I haven't read entirely?

    I have a different question. If the author doesn't follow their own advice, does that mean you shouldn't listen to what they have to say?
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    BOOK REVIEW Can't Hurt Me: by David Goggins, Review and Discussion

    Instead of just giving up and resorting to body weight exercises, think instead of your training as being "body conscious." I've been weight training for 12 years. I love free weights and have always used them. I've experimented with nearly every training template out there. Free weights are...
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    HOT TOPIC What problems do you have on a daily basis?

    The urge to sleep. How can I get energized on 5 hours sleep instead of 8?
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    EXECUTION Everything I Learned From Blogging $0 to $15k/month

    Grant Cardone makes the case for being "omnipresent".... i.e. Be everywhere. So building followers on all of the social media platforms, and having a YouTube page, and having a podcast, could float you if you had no google traffic.
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    HOT TOPIC Dressing For Success... Stop looking like a fool.

    Have you ever dressed up for Halloween and found yourself acting like the character you took on? I dressed as Batman last Halloween and I just had this urge to do Batman things, talk in a funny voice, swing my cape around, act like some badass.... The urge to act the part just came over me...
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    BOOK The reason I don't like Think and Grow Rich...

    59 seconds shares research that showed students who visualized studying, did better than students who visualized getting an A. So the first step is to focus on the behavior that is required. The leading measure. If you want to be strong you have to visualize yourself lifting the weights in the...
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    BOOK The reason I don't like Think and Grow Rich...

    Not reading mainstream "must reads".... hmm... ***scratches head*** Ah yes....just because of your comment I think I'll actually find a handful of books that are deemed "must avoid" books and see what diamonds reside within. If the mainstream hates it, it's probably deep and meaningful, and if...
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    How To Profit From The Coming Recession?

    Write a self help book titled "How to Profit From the Coming Recession"
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    HOT TOPIC What are best fastlane businesses according to you?

    Basically any product or service whose production can be scaled is a potential fastlane.
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    HOT TOPIC What are best fastlane businesses according to you?

    Subscription services (Amazon, Netflix, COMCAST, AT&T, software). Consumables (shampoo, coffee, razors, fertilizer, grease, oil, food). Novel experiences (video games, tourism industry, concerts, shows). Scaled labor services (travel, lodging, tradesman, UBER, Airbnb, plumbing, A/C, food...
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    EXECUTION Everything I Learned From Blogging $0 to $15k/month

    Thanks. Your recommendation is similar to what I already was planning but offers a little more clarity. I'll keep to my plan then, which is to write high quality posts around specific evergreen topics.
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    EXECUTION Everything I Learned From Blogging $0 to $15k/month

    Thanks Jon, I just made a website of my own live the end of 2018. My long term goal is actually identical to yours, I'd like 10k / month after expenses and taxes. I have a few questions maybe your answers can help other forum readers too. I realized that to provide the quality of content I'd...
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    HOT TOPIC How deep does this "FAKE GURU" market actually go?

    Sometimes you need to go deeper than summaries to get the ideas cemented into memory and eventual belief system (if you want to). My experience has been if I want to learn about a topic, I get way more out of a well structured book than anything I can find online. Books I think are way...
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    HOT TOPIC How deep does this "FAKE GURU" market actually go?

    The forums very own resident poster is jumping onto the guru train. His two ebooks are priced at $30, and also based on his own experiences he shared here, so maybe a fair honest exchange and low risk to buyers. I wonder if the $3,000 and $30,000 courses are in his future plans. "How Does a...
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    O/T: HEALTH Please critique my exercise regimen

    If your diet is in check, keep that priority number one. Choose a physical activity you enjoy and is not overly burdensome on your schedule. The fewer mental and physical barriers the more success you will have. Also, you are smart enough to figure out what is right for you. Take control, you...
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    BOOK The reason I don't like Think and Grow Rich...

    The power of suggestion is scientifically supported fact as far as I'm concerned and Hill is simply saying to use that power to your own advantage. Advertising, marketing, and research in fields of behavioral science demonstrate without any doubt that the subconscious mind is subject to...
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    BOOK The reason I don't like Think and Grow Rich...

    1. Your frame of mind drives your behavior, and 2. Your frame of mind is heavily influenced by your environment and external forces you are exposed to (from which your thoughts are derived). Shifts in thoughts and/or environment are required for behavior change. Hill is giving you a way to...
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