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  1. Max Shapira

    Recommended Books by Leading EXPERTS: Free Resource!

    Hey everybody, Just today I came across this free and outstanding resource of book recommendations by well-known individuals. Seems like a solid and genuine source. I felt I have to share it with you. Home | Most Recommended Books Also, once a week they will be sending 3 book recommendations...
  2. Max Shapira

    A Logo Is Not a Brand

    Stop caring so much about your f**king logo As long as you solve your customers problems, make their lives easier, make them happy or whatever it is you are trying to achieve, you can get away with a solid typeface and you'll do just fine. The truth is, most of us often so obsessed with our...
  3. Max Shapira

    Cutting Your To-Do List - The 4D

    How’s it going? There are numerous strategies for cutting your To-Do list, but I found an efficient one that might assist to some of you. Of course, I'm not reinventing the wheel, yet for those who don't familiar with this technique, you might find this helpful. I call it The 4D, you can call...
  4. Max Shapira

    RANT The Personal Development SCAM

    The Personal Development SCAM Fair Warning! This message may be a little long. But you have my promise it will be well worth your time. For some of you, this message is really going to clean your clock! For some of you, it will open your eyes. And you will be FREE! Maybe for the first time in...
  5. Max Shapira

    INTRO Max Shapira - Israel

    I'm so thankful for The Millionaire Fastlane and the UNSCRIPTED. From my bunch of books, if I needed to pick only 5 (even though I haven't read 80% of them), MJ's two books would start the list, hands down. Here is my story... A year ago I've decided to switch lanes and drive the Fastlane. I...
  6. Max Shapira

    Income & Expense Tracking - Worksheet!

    Hi, I'd like to share with you a powerful tool of mine which will assist you to track your income and expense effectively and stick to a budget. This excel sheet can work in every nation, you just need to adjust the currency correspondingly. When you open the worksheet for the first time...
  7. Max Shapira

    MJ DeMarco, You've Changed My Life!

    I'm pretty sure you receiving hundreds of messages like this every day. How you're doing MJ? Hope you're doing well... If you'd ask me the same I'd tell you straight forward - I'm changed. And your responsibility for that is not under discussion here. How could you? being extremely blunt...
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