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    EXECUTION SaaS Challenge - Will you participate?

    Hey! I will start a SaaS in March 2021. As for now I focus on studying until I wrote my final exams. Thought of just doing it and maybe start a progress thread, but today an idea came up. Maybe here are more people want to start an SaaS or are in an early phase of starting one. We could...
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    Marketing: digital menu for restaurants/bars/other locations with physical menus

    Hey fastlaners! Just finished developing an MVP of a digital menu for especially restaurants, which is accessible via QR for the restaurant customers. The big problem we are facing right now is to market it well. Maybe some of you can give advice/input/ideas on how to market it the best...
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    feel like beeing pulled in different directions at the same time, all the time

    Hey all, I don´t know how where to start, so I will just start with my position I am in right now. - 20 years old - studying Information Systems - working a shitty side job to make 450 euro - currently building a little sidehustle I feel like beeing pulled in different directions all the...
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    EXECUTION starting with a small business

    Hey everyone! This will be my progress thread to start a small business while still in college. I have read TMFL and know that my business violates several CENTS criteria, but I just want to get started with something! It is basically just a renting model, where I rent out something that...
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