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    HOT TOPIC Music that Motivates

    also motivated by that sound :clench: (best part at 2:20, it really sounds like a ak47 lol)
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    EXECUTION Getting Started with dropshipping... again. =/

    It looks like a dropshipping store but please correct me if i am wrong. I also saw a youtuber basically showing how they sold a 256GB SD card or something like that which wasn't actually a "real" 256GB SD card.
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    EXECUTION Getting Started with dropshipping... again. =/

    Im just wondering how wish got so big, i mean their app on the google playstore has over 100 million downloads. It is insane and it looks like dropshipping too. Good luck on your new attempt btw.
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    EXECUTION Creating an authority website in a niche

    If i am not wrong you can use namecheap and pay monthly for it.
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    O/T: HEALTH Smoking vs Vaping

    For everyone wanting to stop smoking i can highly suggest you reading: "Allen Carr's Easyway to quit smoking" the book works like magic, i am not even kidding.. it has like 111 pages and explains how cigarettes or nicotine works on your mind and your body and how you wont even have those...
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    15k Tax Dept With 21

    I am pretty sure a job wont bring me enough money in a week or so. Shopify can, like i said i had some sales but then it was over but i keep trying products ofc. But on some products i think that they are cool and might work but they don't. Or my audience targeting is bad because those cpc are...
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    MEETUPS Germany - Munich

    If i have the time i would like to be there too. Hope i can find the time anytime soon. I live around Stuttgart.
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    15k Tax Dept With 21

    Hello, i am trying to make this as short as possible. I was earning a good amount of money in 2016. I also put the tax money on a separate bank account so i cant accidentally spend it. But after half a year my money was spend and nothing new was coming in anymore. So i started to use the tax...
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    INTRO Pick Up Artists are Quoting MJs Book In Their Courses?!

    I think most guys that get into pick up are guys that just have self esteem issues coming from a fked up childhood or just bad experiences with girls at a younger age. It's not about tricking girls or lying to them. It is about starting to talk to girls no matter how weird it is or feels and...
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    My Life Has Been A Faulty Belief Of A 5 Year Old

    You need to see "John Bradshaw - Homecoming" he explains how your "inner child" is basically wounded from stuff that happens in your childhood and how to fix those wounds. :)
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    WEB/DIGITAL Wish you had apps w/10 MILLION+ downloads?

    Wow awesome stuff, i want in :)
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    OFF-TOPIC How to turn logo into PNG?

    If you need something like that or help with doing it by yourself just PM me and ill help you :) For free ofc. Have a nice day
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    HOT TOPIC FREE Skype Call Mentoring

    Send you a PM, thanks man.
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    HOT TOPIC Join Our Skype Project

    Thanks i am gonna remove it
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    HOT TOPIC Join Our Skype Project

    Im interested :)
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