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    No money - what to do?

    To say 2008 was a terrible year is giving it too much credit. Both personally and professionally everything seemed to go wrong. What little money I made with my business (an S-Corp) I paid as salary and distribution so my wife and I could pay our personal bills. I paid both the NCDoR and the...
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    Think you've got it tough?

    I can guarantee you that no matter how bad you think your life is, it's by far not as bad as what Gabriela Shea had to live through as a teenager. Growing up in Guatemala she had to endure being kidnapped, abused, raped, and carry her abductor's child. This went on for years. Add to that family...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Need feedback from all you readers/writers

    Keep it coming! I always think ahead myself and I have ideas what I could do once it gets bigger (or should that be if?). I've had so many failures the past years that I am more than ready for success. I know my wife is - she's been incredibly supportive of me, so I really owe it to her to do...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Need feedback from all you readers/writers

    Thank you so much!:3some: I've put all of this on my ever-growing to-do list. For the press release: I encourage all of our members to post experts and blurbs in their profiles. I'm working on one for a very special book right now. It's a very touching and eye-opening story. I'll have more on...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Need feedback from all you readers/writers

    Don't know if I'll make big dollars there, but it's a start. My wife's passionate about books (reader for 40 years) and I like doing this kind of work, so we'll see where it takes us. But I am serious about it, that's why I ask so many questions (wink). Can you recommend any groups in particular?
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    WEB/DIGITAL Need feedback from all you readers/writers

    No, I don't charge for blurbs or profiles and the like. What I charge for is taking all the information and taking it to the readers (various sites/forums/blogs/MySpace groups), as well as genre-specific (i.e. horror-only forums), because that is very time-intensive on our part. As far as...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Need feedback from all you readers/writers

    Thanks for the tips so far, would love to hear more. I actually just had another idea that I might make it a portal for other sites to post their content. I'll have to think about that in detail.
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    WEB/DIGITAL Need feedback from all you readers/writers

    It's been almost a month since I mentioned here. Since then I've made many changes and added a blog - Add to this our MySpace and we have a nice triangle going on here. We also decided to concentrate on promoting new authors. Things are still a little slow...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Cheap or Free Ways to Promote Young Companies?

    Peerless, not a bad idea. We have business cards we hand out and display at book stores. In-person networking is an important part of our strategy. I have actually used what you suggested - something along the lines of "found something great to read at", with no direct...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Cheap or Free Ways to Promote Young Companies?

    Re: Press Releases / Other Promotion Wow, Kimber, thank you so much! That's a lot to process, and I'll go through it step by step. We want to concentrate on up-and-coming authors, but having some established ones on there can only beneficial. We already have 3 established writers (not huge...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Cheap or Free Ways to Promote Young Companies?

    My wife and I have started, a site dedicated to promoting new authors. It is starting to gain momentum, but I'm still looking for more exposure. Here is what we are already doing: MySpace, MySpace groups, reader/book forums, Yahoo answers, reviews submitted to several...
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    HOT TOPIC Visa IPO- Will we all be driving Lambos end of March?

    I suppose it's too late to get into it?
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    new from NC

    Welcome from another NC guy. Got quite a few on here now.
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    O/T: FUNNY Two Monks

    Same as in my favorite movie, The Matrix: Young boy bends spoon with his mind. Neo walks in. Young boy: "Do not try to bend the spoon, that's impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth." Neo: "What truth?" Boy: "There is no spoon. Then you will realize that it is not the spoon that...
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    HOT TOPIC How to save $1,000 AND find more time for you

    I have only the basic package and really don't watch much. I used to watch more, but now I concentrate on work. However, I do have the Sports Package, as I "have to have" my soccer. Being from Germany it's my passion and, while I could, I really don't want to do without. What I did instead was...
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    WEB/DIGITAL MJ:forum question

    Thanks for the TAZ link, I'm sure to devour that, as I am about to launch a site with a forum.
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    That's my site. And yes, it's no fully reviewed yet, but thanks for the heads up. It's being tested right now and should go live next week. Everyone's invited! Working with Apto and Tom has been a fantastic experience and the result speaks for itself. Communication has been flawless and always...
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    OFF-TOPIC Shirts print shops

    I need to get 4-6 shirts made. Can someone recommend an online shop? I'm not so satisfied with my local shop and want to look elsewhere.
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    WEB/DIGITAL Creating an Affiliate Program

    I'll need this in a the next few months, but it seems so terribly confusing. I guess I just have to re-read it a few times. Thanks for all the info!
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    OFF-TOPIC Best anti-spyware software?

    I used to use that, until I heard that it fell behind to some of the paid applications. Maybe I should give it another try? Until a few days ago I used the 30 day trial of AVG 7.5, but I don't know enough to give it a verdict.
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