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    WEB SCHOOL Who do you think I should target with my web design agency instagram?

    Hey. I am trying to grow my agency's Instagram right now, and I'm not sure who I should target. The choices are: - People who want to start a business, Wantapreneuers, Instagram's page goal is to motivate them and show them different strategies. - Current Business owners in general - Current...
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    INTRO Feeling lost after my army service

    Hey guys, I’m sorry if this is going to be a bit long, but I would be really grateful if anyone could help. Background: I’m 21 years old, In last November I got discharged from the army. Iv’e been working a day job ever since, which at the beginning was interesting; I was learning marketing and...
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    INTRO Do I need coaching?

    Hi! I'm currently kinda lost. I'm in the army right now (Not US) but I come back home every day at around 6pm (army? home every day? ridiculous, right?) On my free time it feels like I'm improving myself - (in every aspect of my life, not just business and entrepreneurship) I started working...
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    Confused, really confused.

    Hey! Im 20 ,and currently I'm a soldier (Im my country men have to serve until they're 21). I've read unscripted and reading TMF at the moment - and I'm confused. I want to start I business when I get out of the army, problem is - I dont have any specific knowledge in any areas so I cant...
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    What next?

    Hey. I'm 19 years old, I'm a soldier (not American in case you're wondering) since in my country we have to go to the army for 2y8m. I work in an office, I'm not a combat soldier, so I have a decent amount of time for myself. So in my free time, I've read unscripted (Awesome book, loved it), and...
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    So what do you do while you're not profitable?

    Hello everyone. Today I have a question for yall. Let's say you're currently searching for ideas, or even let's say you already have an idea or a business. What do you do until your business is profitable? How do you pay for rent\food\blablabla and all your basic expenses?
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