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  1. seamles

    Money extortion from former virtual assistant

    I'm looking for any legal/guidance for a situation with former VA's from the Phillipines who have been threatening and trying to extort money? Note to everyone, contracts or working through an agency is so much better than saving any money or cutting corners. Happy to talk to anyone directly...
  2. seamles

    Christian Fastlane?

    Hi all, I know that this may be a more sensitive topic but I thought I'd ask for people's opinions on the topic anyways. I am a Christian and sincerely striving for the fastlane. However, at times I come to the point where I wonder if it's truly compatible with the Christian lifestyle. I am...
  3. seamles

    Lawyer Referral

    I got sort of screwed being naive and getting into a startup that probably was destined to go no where. I have a few thousand tied up in the business and I think the founder is being super sketchy (claiming he has a lawyer when he has none or won't share his info and generally always just being...
  4. seamles

    INTRO Cross Post and Intro for All

    I originally went straight to the self publishing thread to post this but wanted to cross post this here with some more info on my other struggles/journeys? The original post: OK. So I'm extremely excited to write all this and caution that it will be pretty long. I think it's been just a...
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