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    Real Inflation rates in Canada, why nobody want to discuss

    While the official inflation rates are usually less than 2% , the reality and the market seem to have their prices going far faster than that ratio , example, a patio chair was $99 last year , this year it is $130 , same applied for houses that are expected to increase 20-30% this year. What...
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    Is it good time to buy some bankrupt businesses ?

    Today I was looking at businesses for sell paper and noticed too many businesses are for sell, reason is clear, they no longer able to pay their bills, some restaurants are going half the price they would normally be sold for. Is there anyone tried to get some business ? I see the benefit of...
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    People with more friends have better business opportunities

    Do you agree that the more people have friends and social circle the more likely they will have a good living, quick recovered from failed business, more successful financial life. it is look like regardless of how simple is your business idea is , when you have good number of friends you always...
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    Is WebDesign business really Fastlane ?

    For some reason I noticed many members here either learning or building web design business, and I want to know what is the reason behide that ? because I was former owner of web design company , and this business is like any other "average" type business, if you suceed you will make good living...
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    Any one tried Flea market as a start to learn enterprenureship

    I was thinking in opening simple restaurant in Flea market, and this not to make it fastlane just to train myself to entrepreneurship, Although I hired before technical people , I still find myself lack experience in running a business , and I think Flea market shop or restaurant can be a good...
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    My experience with getting more spammy and fraudy

    So it happen I am developer myself , feel really sorry for people who are looking for specialist there and are not technical . I have posted some software jobs lately from web design to programming . And I cant believe how some people bid there and assure you they are experienced software...
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    How to outsource product from China and prevent the manufacturer from selling it

    Does NDA ,Non competition and other agreement any useful there ? I would like to hear from someone who sourced his/her product idea and the manufacturer didn't produce and sell that product separately.
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    EXECUTION My startup progress that will buy me a Ferrari

    Hi all So as many of you know I have a tech startup that if it get executed and built right , might be a multi million worth. But I was and still in my 9 to 5 job , beside my limited experience in entrepreneurship, and my high talk to do ratio tendency I decided to get a mentor. The first...
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    INTRO Software Developer want his freedom

    Hello So I did a couple of posts, however I decided to introduce myself. I am software developer in mid thirties, I was taught by my parent to study and get a good job and this is what I did for a long time until age of 27 when I read some books such as "Secret of Millionaire Mind" and Rich...
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    HOT TOPIC How can you work full time while growing your business ?

    I am software developer who work typical 9-5 job + 2 hours commute daily, what I found is it is really hard to have desire to code more or do other business operations after a long work day. the only days I have energy for my personal projects are weekend or off days. other than that I find it...
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