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    HOT TOPIC I can't get my a$$ up and work.

    Hello fellow fastlaners, I was off here for a bit of time but I signed up on fastlane again because I am a bit desperate. Since the 2nd quarantine wave began in my country I am constantly struggling. I really can't start working and when I wake up I just stay in bed for 3 hours and watch videos...
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    Looking for GDPR conform Marketing strategies for a product prohibited on facebook (CBD)

    Do you have any suggestions? I figured out I will try influencer marketing and maybe Pinterest ads because my target audience is female but I don't know how good Pinterest is suited for cbd ads. If so can you recommend me any specific website/webinar/book to learn about marketing on there...
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    EXECUTION Trying to suceed in a business with a high entry barier at a young age!

    Hello dear Fastlane Members! I'm currently setting up a business with a high entry barrier and I want to show you my progress to see that even an idiot like me can do it with enough willpower. Introduction Summary: If you haven't read my introduction post here is a short summary. I'm...
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    EXECUTION Customising Shopify templates

    Hello fellow fastlaners, I am currently building a website for my company but my biggest concern is how it looks. I personally like it but I am 100% that it's not built in the perfect way. Do you know any really good app or template with which I can build a more pleasing website. Thank you in...
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    How can I concentrate on my school?

    Hello, I'm quite inactive in this forum but my substance consume has stopped a lot since my last post so I guess that's not a bad thing my problem is that I can't suceed in f*cking school and I think its a mindset problem, I will do my A Levels in one year and everything we learn is sooo...
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    DSGVO and the law frustrates me

    Since I'm only 16 years old, I'm technically not allowed to start a buisness myself and I think the DSGVO will kill my plan of building a website, let say I want to make an email newsletter I have to follow thousands of laws, and I really don't know anything about law learning all of this shit...
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    Can I make a quite simple affiliate marketing site with wordpress?

    Hello, Since my last post a lot has changed I hustled the last 2 nights and wrote about 40 articles for a new affiliate marketing site I want to publish. It should be fairly simple it has to have 5 big blocks of important topic on top of the page with side topics listed under them when you go on...
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    INTRO My life went downhill since my last post, a lot

    Hello, I am YoungnBroke and I am currently 16. I joined this forum a year ago and back then I was really enthusiastic about building up a Buisness. But in the last year a lot of bad shit happened in my life I started drinking shortly after my 15 birthday and about 2 months after that I started...
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    INTRO Hello I'm YoungnBroke

    Hello I'm YoungnBroke my name is programm, sadly. I'm 15 years old from Austria and reading TMF (currently reading Chapter 40). As I am in school full-time I don't have to much time to trade time for money because my education eats up 50 hours a week for no revenue than a piece of paper at the...
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