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    OFF-TOPIC R.I.P. - Michael Jackson! *OFFICIAL THREAD*

    Russ, I thank you for posting this. I actually knew Michael Jackson and his family and some of his friends and some of his "entourage" through business and whatever else. ("Whatever else" is I function in an area strewn with celebrity.) At any rate, I've never believed any of the...
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    REAL ESTATE 1 job, 10 applications, 1 hour!

    While cheap labor sounds really good in the near-term, it's very bad in the long term. When people make less money, they can only afford to buy properties at less money. If the former $20 an hour worker only makes $10 an hour now, he can only afford a $10 an hour house. This is what...
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    Buying & Selling Gold Scrap / Broken Jewelry

    Most big city scrap dealers pay about 65% of spot to the people they buy from. This covers everything including marketing, etc. In other words, when gold was $940 an ounce, they were paying about $10 a gram for gold. There are mechanical gold testers but I don't know if they are any...
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    Safe or Safety Deposit Box

    Please tell me you don't have kids....
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    How to make money on giving away product to celebrities?

    If they show up in photos wearing your items, that's a plus. The only problem is that you don't own the photo (if you didn't take it) and you'll have to buy the photo from the photographer or his/her representative. If you give them your items and arrange a photo session at the same time...
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    Business assistants- best questions when interviewing?

    Look for someone who has been responsible for things. The worst thing to get is a generalist who has never been responsible for anything.
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    Buying & Selling Gold Scrap / Broken Jewelry

    Last week, I decided to see if I was getting the best price I could for my gold. I took a single piece of jewelry which was 14K and weighed 34 grams. The melt value with gold at $940 is $540+. I was looking for someone who would give me around $500. The piece isn't really scrap (meaning, it...
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    Safe or Safety Deposit Box

    Ha! Seriously, I've always liked the business plan of the folks that own the "high security storage" for large items and dealers/collectors. It's really unique and I would have never known such a thing existed.... It's kind of like being able to keep your items at Fort Knox. It...
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    Safe or Safety Deposit Box

    I read some things recently on the internet that I thought were interesting.... Some people have had home invasion robberies where they were forced to open the gun safes (at gunpoint) and the criminals stole all their guns and whatever else they had. A safe at home might attract crime...
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    Safe or Safety Deposit Box

    I rent so I have a safety deposit box at the bank. From what I know about home safes: The best ones are sunk in concrete. You can do it in your garage floor if you own your house. You DO NOT want a portable safe because it's very easy for someone to haul it right out of your house --...
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    Buying & Selling Gold Scrap / Broken Jewelry

    There is a huge markup on jewelry, but it's no different than the markup on cotton fabric on a roll and a pair of cotton pants. Pure gold is 24K. Most gold jewelry is 14K so it is 14/24 parts gold (or 7/12ths). The other 5 parts are some other cheaper metal (usually used to strengthen...
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    Buying & Selling Gold Scrap / Broken Jewelry

    I buy and sell gold and silver scrap and jewelry. The "Cash4Gold" model is pretty much standard in the business. They are not buying: 1) jewelry; 2) gemstones; 3) namebrands. They are paying the wholesale price for scrap gold and that is very disappointing to a lot of people. It's not...
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    REAL ESTATE Effects of minimum wage increase?

    I think most of the posters here are too young to remember "price caps" too. That means there is a maximum price you can get for your whatever. There is no easy solution though I do believe part of the problem is that companies pay top executives too much. There is nothing wrong with a CEO...
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    What's the next big bubble?

    Isn't the next bubble going to be "money supply"? The government is printing money to save all these different industries. Debt is money.
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    HOT TOPIC Investing in strip clubs

    Years ago, I used to date someone who was partners with another person in a strip club in a medium sized town. I remember some of the things he told me about owning a strip club. First off, as someone else mentioned above, most towns don't really want strip clubs in their town. You need to...
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    Crisis Capitalists

    My "veiled accusations"? Excuse me? You are accusing me of "what" exactly?
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    Crisis Capitalists

    True, but you need to give credit to those who have the knowlege. That's the difference between what you are saying and what others are saying.
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    Crisis Capitalists

    Gosh! Golly! Gee! I'm an Advertising person with a journalism major and I'm as simple as simple can be! And I'm saying that the economic problems facing the USA today are very complex. And I'm also saying that it's criminal to steal stuff from "suddendebt" who is the only person who has...
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    Crisis Capitalists

    If you steal, I think you should pay the price.
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    Crisis Capitalists

    I agree except for the fact that the ideas are complex and I don't see how you can simplifiy them. If they could be simplified, I think they would have been "out there" a long time ago. I'm not sure you could sell this info for $$$ either since most of the explanations made for common...
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