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  1. EasyMoney_in_NC

    A penny saved is a penny earned?

    Announcing the Save $1,000 in 30 Days Challenge « I Will Teach You To Be Rich There was a story in my local paper today about this guy and his "system". It made me chuckle because since the beginning of the year, my wife and I have been on a massive "monetary preservation" kick (read cost...
  2. EasyMoney_in_NC

    OFF-TOPIC Thinking about buying a new car you say?

    The Silver Bear Cafe this is a scary sight to see!
  3. EasyMoney_in_NC

    REAL ESTATE Anyone ever owned or run a "halfway" house?

    Not sure what the economic climate has factored in to my difficulty in renting my current vacant homes, so I thought I'd try something new. Long story short. A home I built years ago as a small package of 3 (2 I kept) is still owned by the woman I sold it to. She and I have come back into...
  4. EasyMoney_in_NC

    REAL ESTATE Rents going down?

    One would think with the current foreclosure rate and increasing mortgage rates, rentals would be a hot item with rents on the increase. I have two rentals that just became vacant, and for the first time in their lives (6 years +) neither are re-rented. It pains me to think that I may have to...
  5. EasyMoney_in_NC

    WEB/DIGITAL Internet? What's the big DEAL???

    Will one of you "techie's" PLEASE explain to me what the hell the deal is with this domain thing. Buying, developing, etc. I've seen more people here talking about this and I have absolutely NO idea what this is all about and I feel like the odd man out. What are you doing? and what's the...
  6. EasyMoney_in_NC

    REAL ESTATE The economy, tenants and your thoughts.

    So its no secret that gas prices are getting out of hand, and apparently out of the comfort zone of the every day person. I've begun wondering if my tenants are starting to feel the pinch and if I'll experience them not paying the rent on time (as most have thus far) or at all (depending on how...
  7. EasyMoney_in_NC

    Accountants: learned something new recently

    I was chatting with a friend of mine (much older gent than I) recently, we were talking about who I used for my tax prep. He informed ME that my accountant was an Enrolled Agent. "A what?" I said, he proceeded to explain to me what I was dealing with. I must admit I hadn't heard the term before...
  8. EasyMoney_in_NC

    HOT TOPIC Buying precious metals?

    Just curious to know if anyone is buying precious metals, not trading Forex or anything but actually buying hard pieces of gold, silver a hedge against an ever declining dollar. If so or not, why or why not?
  9. EasyMoney_in_NC

    OFF-TOPIC .......and your friends do what?

    I was having a moment of reflection while eating lunch by myself today, and I realized how amazing it is how much farther ahead my wife and I are than any one we associate with. Earlier in the day I was on the phone with a buddy and he was commenting on how he hadn't started X-mas...
  10. EasyMoney_in_NC

    REAL ESTATE Care to share? your #'s that is.......

    So I often wondered (especially after some of the threads I was a part of on the RD board), what values are in other areas and how my area stacks up. What I'd like to know (and please only those that are actually in it...for accuracy), is what does an average rental home A) cost B)what size and...
  11. EasyMoney_in_NC

    HOT TOPIC Should I sell my business? Opinions wanted

    I have a small local business that is family owed (I own 49%). It has grown by leaps and bounds over the last 5 years, but IMHO is solely linked to the massive wave of new construction over the same period that we have experienced here. Here's my quandary. I have a competitor (who himself has...
  12. EasyMoney_in_NC

    REAL ESTATE RE investment protection and incorporating part 1 (LONG)

    So we've been having discussion here about how to properly protect your personal RE investments. The general consensus has been to but the properties under and LLC. But I have a different take and look forward to comments. At least under NC statutes, and LLC allows the following: (sorry for...
  13. EasyMoney_in_NC

    Am I the only Carolinian here? New to the site

    Got here from the RD forums. Looking for something new, hope I'm not the only one here from NC. Seems like most on these boards are west coast'ers :) We make money here too........albeit not enough! Here's hoping for like minded to chat with. :cheers: BTW, that Yugo thing over the avatar...
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