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  1. Ravens_Shadow

    INTRO Hello, I'm Terrified of the Slow Lane

    @MJ DeMarco tagged me so here's my take. I read TMF in 2012 and set out on my journey to unwire myself from the slowlane, as you put it. It took me 4 years to hate my life situation enough to move over to the Fastlane with my own venture, and then it took me another 3 years to actually quit my...
  2. Ravens_Shadow

    Where to find a partner or two

    I started my company alone and built first prototypes myself. When I was established enough i checked out programming servers on discord and reached out to people who were doing really great work. From there I found almost every developer I have on my team. Most joined for equity and no pay at...
  3. Ravens_Shadow

    Creating a SaaS around a very simple idea?

    Other people solving a problem isn't a reason not to do it. Other people solved our problem too, we just did it better and simpler. If you literally don't have a business, just start this and see where it goes. It's better than doing nothing.
  4. Ravens_Shadow

    Do you have a systematic way of taking profit out of your business ?

    I follow profit first and draw 15% of all revenue each quarter. Makes for some fat dividend payments.
  5. Ravens_Shadow

    Creating a SaaS around a very simple idea?

    Sure, my business started as a way to solve a very, very small problem. We built a much larger product down the road and have had great success. Without the micro product at the beginning, we'd have never gotten to where we are.
  6. Ravens_Shadow

    Great Entrepreneur? Or Great Fraudster? The Story of Elizabeth Holmes.

    Bump. Will be following her trial as it starts soon.
  7. Ravens_Shadow

    Quit my job after reading MJ DeMarco's book

    I built my software company at night and on weekends while working a full-time job in a similar industry as my company. After a few years my company was making enough money to pay me full-time with the exact same salary I was getting at my job and that's when I quit. I wouldn't quit until you...
  8. Ravens_Shadow

    O/T: HEALTH What do you think of dreams/dreaming?

    I have recurring dreams about tornadoes sucking me up. Sometimes it's a nightmare, sometimes it's really cool. Not sure if those dreams or any other dreams have any inherent meaning or not.
  9. Ravens_Shadow

    My SO dreams of an unscripted life, but is struggling to success. I hope you can read the situation and talk some sense into him.

    Håper du har det bra. All good things take time. At best, I can only tell you that I worked a full-time job that I did not like for years and worked vigilantly on my business (4-8 hours a day in addition to my job, 7 days a week) until it was making enough money to be able to quit my job. Me...
  10. Ravens_Shadow

    GOLD! Vent about the fastlane formula

    I found the forum when I was 18. I didn't start my winning business until I turned 23 (started it on my birthday). I'm 27 now. It took me 5 years to pull my head out of my a$$ and nearly 10 years to finally get to the point where I'm financially free. I do not regret my sacrifices.
  11. Ravens_Shadow

    The Desert of Desertion's Sibling: The Dessert of Deceit

    I mean tasty treat Dessert. Dessert is thought of as a good thing, but in this case its deceiving haha. That's why I compared ice cream cones to hot fudge sundays¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Ravens_Shadow

    The Desert of Desertion's Sibling: The Dessert of Deceit

    Pretty much. This scenario created a lot of internal doubt in my abilities to fulfill my plans as odd as it sounds. "Now that I can sell for millions, should I continue on or not even bother? What's the point?". I'm at that point where making more money would grant me a bit more freedom in a...
  13. Ravens_Shadow

    The Desert of Desertion's Sibling: The Dessert of Deceit

    By now most of you know what the Desert of Desertion is. It's that phase where your entrepreneurial dreams are in jeopardy due to there being a drought of customers, money, positive feedback loops etc. This is the phase where a lot of would be entrepreneurs give up on their dreams and move to...
  14. Ravens_Shadow

    Starting multiple side hustles, bad idea?

    I always advocate monogamy in business. Focus on one thing and become really good at that.
  15. Ravens_Shadow

    MEETUPS Austin - Texas Meetup

    I moved to austin a few weeks ago. Any other fastlaners here?
  16. Ravens_Shadow

    NOTABLE! A fundamental question for any entrepreneur: What do I want from my business?

    I will mention that from the time I started this thread until now, not only have we gotten more employees but we've also grown to the point where we're all getting healthy dividends each quarter whereas at the time of this thread I had barely taken any money out of the business. I've also...
  17. Ravens_Shadow

    Chick-Fil-A: How to beat your competitors by using a completely different business model

    One of my first jobs ever was being the chick-fil-a cow and going to various events in that ridiculously hot cow suit. Paid really well though for what it was.
  18. Ravens_Shadow

    Is It Unfair to Current Users to Adjust Your Business Model?

    Not only did I have to switch payment processors and cancel active subscriptions during the 2nd year, but I also had to pivot to a new product after that switch as well because the original product just wasn't making us any serious money. The new product was always going to be part of the...
  19. Ravens_Shadow

    How to market your business with integrity?

    I see straight forward ethical marketing all the time. I share your general sentiments but just know that by doing nothing for marketing, you are only hurting yourself. Here's an excerpt from one of my posts on my progress thread: In my marketing, I just be myself and promote my product. If...
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