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  1. RAiMA

    Good announcement site

    Just thought I'd share with you this web site I generally use it to review what news is being announced so I can make preparations to either trading during those news announcements or to stay out of the market. Hope it helps you guys out :)
  2. RAiMA

    Clean Energy Trend

    Just thought I'd post this up in case some haven't caught on yet. I heard the current usage is 3% and is expected to grow to around 15% by something like 2012. That's a 500% increase in usage which will drive prices up. Anyways have a look at this article. It's not so much fastlane on it's...
  3. RAiMA

    Moving operations to the US - non us citizen

    Hi Guys, Just wondering if I can get your advice on things. I'm thinking of possibly moving my investment operations from Australia to the US. I'm just wondering what are the restrictions in starting a business in the US as a non citizen. I was thinking of possibly creating a trust where I'm...
  4. RAiMA

    OFF-TOPIC Free Microsoft Software - Conditions apply

    I generally keep up to date with technology stuff and found this that may be beneficial to certain members. In order to get the free software, Microsoft asks you provide feedback and also surrender privacy. What's Free? Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate (32-bit and 64-bit DVD) Microsoft...
  5. RAiMA

    Who trades on the ASX?

    At the risk of only getting replies from chirping crickets, I'm gonna ask the question anyways :p Who trades on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) and what investment strategies do you guys use? Just interested to see the type of investors we've got here :)
  6. RAiMA

    What programs do you guys use to track/manage your money/trades?

    Got a problem that you guys might be able to help. I've been using Microsoft money to keep track of my finances for years now (since 1996). It's done it's job well, but now that I'm doing advanced options trading, it doesn't allow me to record the information at all, mainly taking and...
  7. RAiMA

    25c, 50c, and $1 call spreads

    Just a heads up, Australia's Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) has smaller call spreads than the US. They may be handy in applying your options strategies to reduce your risk. One of my mentors say there's a few people from the US who choose to trade options in Australia for tat very reason...
  8. RAiMA

    BOOK Unleash the power within

    Hey Guys, I went to the seminar over the weekend in Sydney, Aus and I absolutely recommend it to any one who's interested in getting more out of their life. I had read and listened to some of his materials before, but I did not expect what I received from the seminar. It's one thing to read...
  9. RAiMA

    Trivia: Is the Federal Reserve run by the US government?

    Just to get you guys thinking :) Post why or why isn't it :)
  10. RAiMA

    Hey guys

    Just thought I'd pop in and say hi :) Was introduced to the site by PhxMJ. Know him from a lambo forum I post on :) Don't own a lambo yet, but planning on one :) Currently live in Australia, been learning a number of things with investing. Mainly setting up businesses for the purpose of...
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