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  1. DaRK9

    The Best Pitch Deck Examples from Real Startups

    As the page says: "A collection of real fundraising decks from real startups. In total, these decks have raised over $400 million. " Lot of interesting stuff in there.
  2. DaRK9

    Your avatar's file size is too large. Please upload an avatar no bigger than 24.4 KB.

    Yet the file is 15kb? Tried clearing the cache for this site too. No luck. Tried several images to no avail. EDIT: Got it to work but had to reduce quality until I hit 11kb.
  3. DaRK9

    HOT TOPIC Landing Page Teardown Thread

    I noticed people are making a lot of new threads to rate their landing pages. Hopefully we can condense them and maybe start a productive thread. TOOLS / GUIDES WEB...
  4. DaRK9

    Pro's and Con's of Kickstarter vs. Private funding vs. Licensing

    I have a product that I want to bring to market next year. It's a children's toy, trick or treat basket and story combo for Halloween. Right now I am weighing the options on funding. I feel that Kickstarter is a great way to further validate the market before going into production, but may also...
  5. DaRK9

    PUBLISHING Genius Book Marketing

    My friend sent me this video today. LINK I was listening for a bit then decided to look up the artist. What I ended up finding was this This guy has a dubstep/industrial soundtrack for his novel(s). Each song track is a chapter in the book. Pure. F%#@ing. Genius...
  6. DaRK9

    PUBLISHING First eBook Sale Yesterday

    Never thought I would be so excited to make $2.08 It's nothing fancy. A small eBook on how to work from home. Very saturated market, but now I know the Amazon process and feel comfortable with pursuing this further.
  7. DaRK9

    My Four Month Reassessment Spiel

    I took a long break from this forum and the internet in general, to focus on learning business methods and providing myself the essential building blocks for becoming a successful entrepreneur. What initially sparked this quest was my talk with @JackEdwards in July of 2014. I left the internet...
  8. DaRK9

    PUBLISHING 10k Words & Counting

    I recently decided I was going to finish/re-write a few books I started a few years back but never finished. I sat down and tried to write and nothing came to me for a few days. Though of a plot I liked better and tried to write that. Nothing Then I read a blog post about writers block and it...
  9. DaRK9

    PUBLISHING New Word Processor I'm Using

    FocusWriter Just found this program from a writers personal blog and I am in love. I searched here to see if anyone had posted about it but didn't find anything. It is a full screen word processor with nothing but a background and your text. No tempting web-browser or icons to see anymore. The...
  10. DaRK9

    VoIP Recommendations?

    Does anyone have any experience with VoIP services? If so what service and what phones did you use? I've been looking at Nextiva for a bit. I don't need it yet, but I want to have a company ready in mind later. Or would it be better to use my ISP VoIP service (Comcast) since calls are not...
  11. DaRK9

    "When You're Rich, Remember Me!"

    Every-time I tell a friend or extended family member about my ventures, this is the general response. Anyone else get this?
  12. DaRK9

    WEB/DIGITAL App/Website Names For Keywords or Brand?

    What are your opinions on naming an App or Web Service for keywords vs brand name. Lots of start-ups are using nifty almost fad type names for their brand. Do you think having your search target in the App name would affect anything? Obviously you wouldn't want to reply on this for all...
  13. DaRK9

    Finding Niche Problems via Google Discussion

    I used to use Google's discussion search to find what people were saying about products before I bought them. I realized I could use it to find out what other businesses are doing right and wrong, and adjust for it. The Problem? Google has removed the Discussions option from searches. The...
  14. DaRK9

    14 y/o Sells Goat For Profit, What's Your Excuse?

    My younger brother called me up today and told me he is saving up for a new PC. He is currently learning Unity Game Engine and needs a faster computer. I gave him a few ideas, find what people are looking for on Craigslist and either find what they need or buy it and sell. I also told him if he...
  15. DaRK9

    MEETUPS Boston/Mass

    How many people here are in Massachusetts? I wanted to go to the NYC meetup, but Boston is more realistic for me.
  16. DaRK9

    EXECUTION Survival Horror App Progress

    Stopped Progress For Now I've realized that apps are not a golden ticket. I want real business with a model, not a hobby project. As fun as this has been so far. I will not be putting any extra time into it. Also to anyone curious visual apps are expensive as all hell to make unless you can...
  17. DaRK9

    Keeping Focus On The Right Lane

    I'm in the process right now of starting a web design company, not as Fastlane, more or less for experience in running a business and sales. I also want to use it to get in contact with more businesses and find needs, as per the Idea Extraction method. I just got 5 9-5 job offers in a two day...
  18. DaRK9

    INTRO 22 Years Old, Just Switched Lanes

    Hey everyone, got here from various blogs and from reading lots of ebooks. Stumbled upon The Millionaire Fastlane and loved it. Long story short, I moved out to the East Coast and I am currently in the process of starting a website and SEO sales business. I've made a huge lane switch from a...
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