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  1. Ravens_Shadow

    The Desert of Desertion's Sibling: The Dessert of Deceit

    By now most of you know what the Desert of Desertion is. It's that phase where your entrepreneurial dreams are in jeopardy due to there being a drought of customers, money, positive feedback loops etc. This is the phase where a lot of would be entrepreneurs give up on their dreams and move to...
  2. Ravens_Shadow

    NOTABLE! Business is easy and it affects forum participation from heavy hitters.

    Part 1: Business is easy, internal battles are hard. I’ve been pondering about my view that business as a whole is easy, it’s fighting your internal battles while building a successful company that’s hard. The tasks that I do on a daily basis are mostly simple and I’m honestly just typing...
  3. Ravens_Shadow

    What are the best things you've ever done to increase your revenue?

    What is the best thing you've ever done to increase your businesses revenue (or profit if you read it that way)? For me it was a total pivot of our old product to something that fit the market much better. As for something actionable that anyone else can apply, focusing on individual customer...
  4. Ravens_Shadow

    NOTABLE! Managing Your Expectations Is Everything! Expectations.. An Integral Piece To Your First Million In Sales.

    Managing Expectations While On Your Entrepreneurial Journey Preface: I'd consider myself relatively successful now that I've built up a company that's generating over $1 million in ARR and I'm finally able to reap my rewards via fat dividends checks. I’m writing this from the perspective of...
  5. Ravens_Shadow

    NOTABLE! Don't let the vocal minority prevent you from making a killing! What is your hater to buyer ratio?

    WHAT'S YOUR HATER TO BUYER RATIO? *I dislike the word hater, but it gets the point across. Something I’ve learned when selling a product (software in my case): For every one person that publicly complains and denounces your pricing, value, licensing model, product usefulness, etc, hundreds of...
  6. Ravens_Shadow

    GOLD! Just stick with it, don't quit. It's a hard journey - $30k in a single month... finally.

    If this thread stops one person from quitting, then it's done its job. I've been on my "fastlane" journey since 2012 and as of the past month I finally hit my goal, which was to make $30k in a single month.. and we actually surpassed this. Our goal now is $60k per month, then $90k, and so on...
  7. Ravens_Shadow

    How do you handle your sales processes? How is your pipeline setup for keeping track of leads and their status?

    I've got around 1,500 warm/hot leads from a form on my website where users are signing up for beta access for our upcoming software product. The product isn't out yet, but it will be soon. We've got 3 categories of leads: Individuals/Small studios with less than $1mil in revenue. Studios...
  8. Ravens_Shadow

    The story of Prusa 3D Printers journey to 100k printers shipped. $230,000,000+ valuation

    An excellent breakdown of Prusa's journey from nothing to the top of the 3D printing industry. 450 Employees Company valuation @ $230m in 2016 View: Nothing short of incredible, and they sold 30,000 more printers during the production of the...
  9. Ravens_Shadow

    NOTABLE! A fundamental question for any entrepreneur: What do I want from my business?

    I’ve got a friend that I call a few times a month to see if he’s taken action on his ideas and help him break down any barriers he may have. We’ll talk about what he’s doing and he’ll throw up a bunch of excuses about why he can’t launch yet, albeit it’s been 4 years since he started his...
  10. Ravens_Shadow

    O/T: FUNNY Build-A-Bear promotion + backfire. 8+ hour queues for teddy bears..

    Build-A-Bear runs a promotion where for July 12th, you can get a bear for the cost of your child's age. So you could buy a bear for your 3 year old for $3. Apparently the bears typically cost up to ~$50. Lines were getting to be so long, and presumably disorderly, that they had to end the...
  11. Ravens_Shadow

    Too scared to take the plunge?

    You know what it's like to be too scared to take a risk with entrepreneurship right? We have all been there at one point or another. Maybe years later in your journey, you're still scared about some things. For the typical wantrepreneur it may sound something like this: "I would totally start...
  12. Ravens_Shadow

    The Fastlane Forum Thread and Rep+ Exchange

    @MJ DeMarco I had an idea that may be a good way to expand upon popular threads, encourage rep+ exchanging, and highlight some of the best gold on the forum besides the gold tag. This is more of real-time thing vs seeing recent posts. What if we had a page on the forum that was similar to a...
  13. Ravens_Shadow

    MEETUPS Raleigh/Durham/Cary, NC (Triangle) Meetup

    Any one here in North Carolina want to meet up sometime this month/next month? I just moved back to the east coast and would like to bring fellow forum members in the area together for an afternoon. Looking for something a bit more casual/social.
  14. Ravens_Shadow

    HanJin (7th largest Shipping Company) files for bankruptcy protection

    So some of you may have heard that HanJin, the worlds 7th largest shipping company filed for bankruptcy protection. So if you happen to be importing things that are on one of hanjins ships, you probably won't be getting your product anytime soon. Here is a list of ships that can't be let into...
  15. Ravens_Shadow

    Think entrepreneurship is full of glory? Well f*ck..

    //Start harshtruth.exe I've been deep in the trenches for nearly two years now. Working and working and working and working. I have worked my a$$ off. I kid you not, it fell off. Only when you look back can you begin to connect the dots and see just how far you've come: Behind all of the glory...
  16. Ravens_Shadow

    O/T: HEALTH How to fix your posture by doing a 5 minute exercise each day!

    With most of us working hard from our computers all day, we're sitting down more than ever. Even if you're hitting the gym and exercising, your posture is being affected by sitting so much. If you did this once or twice a day for the rest of your life you wouldn't ever have posture issues...
  17. Ravens_Shadow

    A year of the fastlane: Become Golden, Stay Golden.

    So I am not going to introduce myself, because what I have done (business wise) is irrelevant in the face of what is actually important to providing value to YOU. I have been a mentee under someone from the forum for over a year now, and I have worked with some amazing people from and off the...
  18. Ravens_Shadow

    Startup New York - Pay No Taxes For 10 Years

    To any one interested, NY has a new program that allows eligible businesses to reap the benefits of having no taxes for a 10 year period. Maybe this is of interest to some one. A few cons from what I can see: Obvious limitations of what your business can be Must...
  19. Ravens_Shadow

    Hello from South Carolina!

    Hello, My name is Nick Seavert and I stumbled upon this site by sheer luck on my end. I have been simply (dreaming) of being a millionaire for the past year or so looking for how I could ever manage it. While searching for a good book to read such as Road Side Picnic or THE LORD OF THE RINGS, I...
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