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  1. BlackSuperman

    EXECUTION Conquered Freelancing, Let's See How I Do Scaling an Agency

    Hey FLF friends! It's been a minute since I've last posted, and I think it's time to get back to it. My last trial, going from zero to hero freelancer status went swimmingly (which you can find here . Now it's time to take what I learned from my journey as a freelancer and apply it to an agency...
  2. BlackSuperman

    EXECUTION Accepting the Status Quo No More - My Path to Fastlane by starting off as a Web Designer to Quit My Day Job

    Hey Fastlaners, First off: I am going to quit my job in 60 days. Sorry, 58 now. My two-week notice is already typed and ready to be sent on the 46th day. I have put myself in an uncomfortable situation to make sure This is going to be the keep-my-self-accountable thread where I plan to quit my...
  3. BlackSuperman

    INTRO 28 years old and realize It's NEVER too late to wave up and drive in the Fastlane!

    Hey Fastlaners! Like some of you, I was born, raised, and truly believed a good portion of my life that acquiring skills to get a high paying hourly/salary job and saving/investing 10% of "my" paycheck would lead me to the wealthy lifestyle I dream of every day. Boy was I wrong! I went 10...
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