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    HOT TOPIC 2011 Beer & Pancakes

    Leon was here/there :wave: I remember that one. RK was still a good guy, Steve showed us how to invest in apartments, Kimberland didn't want her picture taken, me and Jon still have to get in a round of golf, Erin organised a lot of the activity but we didn't see much of her, Russ and Lee had...
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    EXECUTION Progress Thread ... How You Doing?

    Burning the ships behind you gives you no choice but to keep going forward. Succeed or die.
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    "I've never had an original idea. I just execute better."

    From Theo Pathitis of the Dragon's Den. MY GREATEST INSPIRATION - in association with Orange There are more interviews in this series of 'My Greatest Inspiration' from Orange and Real Business. (it jumps back to the start when running out of buffer, so just drag the icon back to where you were...
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    WEB/DIGITAL 30 Day Challenge 2009!

    I started the 30 day challenge in mid December. Haven't yet made my $1. Traffic is slowly building though - had 63 visitors in Jan. My niche is actually quite competitive though so I think it will take me some time to rank well, but when I do...:fastlane: (I hope...) I do like learning...
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    WEB/DIGITAL AutoBlog-Poster/Finder - PROGRESS-THREAD

    If I spotted anyone using such a tool to post in my forums I'd mark it as spam and ban the IP. But then I'm sure you already view this as 'black hat' so it shouldn't come as a surprise. :smxE:
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    Hi Thanks, those are 2 great networking sources!:thankyousign: I'll see you around.
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    Awesome lessons and thanks for sharing!:great: Being in London I'm curious about the people you surround yourself with. A couple of questions on this: Do you do business networking? How/where/why? Are you part of a mastermind group? If so, what is your experience with them or the concept...
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    EXECUTION ZDS - Progress Thread - MMO Pulse

    Hi The title tag is a good place. As you are just starting your blog, the brand value of 'Zach and Cory' doesn't mean anything. I'd suggest something like: MMO Pulse: Keeping the pulse of online gaming, by Zach and Cory. or MMO Pulse: The beat of online gamers, by Zach and Cory. As far as...
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    OFF-TOPIC Cool little video - subconsious effect of money

    Thanks! I'm always interested in psychology of money... Another good resource for money psychology studies are: The Psychology of Money | PsyBlog
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    EXECUTION ZDS - Progress Thread - MMO Pulse

    Hi ZDS, I just had a quick look at the site, but I have no idea what its about. Perhaps having a mission or a passion statement as a logo will tell visitors what you are doing. And being mostly video content, are you doing any Video SEO (e.g. titles and/or transcripts)? SEOmoz | SEO for Video...
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    Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuk

    Thanks Russ! Love the quote: "...don't come complaining to me that you business or your job sucks when you've got the high score on the Wii".:fryingpan:
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    The $12 Startup That Was Sold On Twitter For About $100,000

    ...last one :coffee: Playing with the big boys: Again, awesome find, thanks!
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    The $12 Startup That Was Sold On Twitter For About $100,000

    ...continued. On business philosophy: Online business philosophy: One more...
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    The $12 Startup That Was Sold On Twitter For About $100,000

    Great find! Thanks and speed++ Just spend around an hour over lunch on reading the whole transcript. It has very interesting parallels to the fast-lane mindset as well as some general principles for online success. Quotes I've taken that means something: Fast-lane mind set: Rich dad - Don't...
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    HOT TOPIC Vision Boards

    bump... I've watched The Secret again recently and was reminded to do my vision board (I did). How are your vision boards working out for you a year later? Was it successful? Do you do goal-setting as a separate activity or are they the same thing as vision boards? Being curious... Sparky
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    OFF-TOPIC Support the Fastlane, save money and better yourself.

    Can the application document also be made available as a Word 2003 .doc as well as the Word 2007 .docx please?
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    HOT TOPIC My little Forex thread

    Hi From the above quote it sounds like you want to have more 'successful' trades than 'unsuccessful' trades. If this is the case (and if it is not, I apologise), you might want to consider roulette - just bet on all the black squares and about half of the red squares and I can guarantee that...
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    OFF-TOPIC A sock'n idea

    Hi I was doing the inventory of my stuff from the Develop Your Plan thread and was thunderstruck when I realised I had 45 pairs of socks (and 8 singles :) ). As I was counting my socks I was wondering how on earth I ended up with that many socks - it happens that when I need a new color sock...
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    HOT TOPIC How to develop your PLAN

    Hi I'm still following this thread. My expenses for February were: £7.50 - Banking Fees £2.00 - Cloakroom £10.99 - Education (book) £24.82 - Entertainment (touristy type things in London) £91.82 - Groceries £6.00 - Haircut £48.01 - Health (of which 43.25 is for gym membership) £1.00 -...
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    HOT TOPIC My little Forex thread

    Hi I'll be curiously watching how things turn out for you. From my own experience I think the paper trading is only useful in teaching you to work your system but not anything about the return. The big learning for me was live trading and how to keep your emotions in check while still sticking...
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