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  1. Sauce

    REAL ESTATE Progress Thread: My Journey with Facebook and Google Ads

    I am just getting back from the summit and I am motivated to do some non-traditional marketing tactics. I am currently a flipper, wholesaler, and landlord. Deals are getting harder to come by and I am considering doing some facebook and google ads. This thread is going to follow my progress...
  2. Sauce

    REAL ESTATE How to start a REIA Meetup

    The local REIA is folding due to the founder and president quitting. This may not be such a bad thing. The club president spoke at most of the meetings (he was boring) and they let in a few members that were always pushing their "mentoring" program. The mentors would even come from out of...
  3. Sauce

    REAL ESTATE Crazy Cap Rates

    I have a business mentor and friend that I am constantly debating the topic of today's cap rates. Today, he sent the following listing over to me with the title "Beverly Hills Trophy 6 Unit Property, Crazy High Cap Rate". I attached the listing below. This...
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