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  1. Kyle Tully

    RANT Why copywriting is a bunch of Bull$h^t and you shouldn't learn it...

    THIS. Copywriting isn't about using "dear friend" or copying tactics you saw someone in the past use, it's about writing a message to a person. No good copywriter would have written a letter like your friend did. Unfortunately reading and copying copy doesn't make you a copywriter ;)
  2. Kyle Tully

    BOOK Books On Mental Toughness?

    The course is unbeatable ;)
  3. Kyle Tully

    RANT Why do stories about idea validation sound so easy sometimes?

    Survivorship bias + selective memory. If everyone who tried to validate an idea but failed wrote a blog post about it you'd have a very different picture of just how often these "easy" success stories happen. And of the success stories, a lot of the hard times get glossed over because...
  4. Kyle Tully

    HOT TOPIC Facebook Advertising Mastermind

    Dude just start spending $2 a day and you will learn more quicker than what's in most courses.
  5. Kyle Tully

    EXECUTION Freelance Copywriting

    Stop wasting time acting like an employee. This thread is almost a year old. Create a list of 10-20 clients who fit your ideal profile that you want to work for and go after them.
  6. Kyle Tully

    Dealing with customers who don't wanna pay you

    Get paid up front. Sent from my iPhone using magic.
  7. Kyle Tully

    I have no unique selling point aside from being the first to market - will I get crushed by a major

    Your USP is your story, branding, and positioning. If all you do is come out and say "I have blue widgets" you'll make a quick buck then get eaten alive. If you come out and tell a great story about your blue widgets and why they are so amazing then you'll create your own category and have a...
  8. Kyle Tully

    When to take a break?

    Read the power of full engagement by Tony Schwartz. You are more effective when you take regular breaks. Sent from my iPhone using magic.
  9. Kyle Tully

    EXECUTION Creating more alcoholics

    Your mindset around price is off. Price isn't the issue. The market is. $10 is going in the wrong direction. You'll attract the groupon type of crowd who *might* buy once because it's cheap and sounds like a laugh... but will never buy anything from you again. And even it they really do take...
  10. Kyle Tully

    When to take a break?

    Before you die.
  11. Kyle Tully

    Commandment of Need vs. Commandment of Entry

    OK your last post has made things a whole lot clearer. So the first problem was that the pain side of the need equation was validated... but not the "will you pay for a solution" side. There are millions of problems in the world people will bitch about but they are not big enough, important...
  12. Kyle Tully

    EXECUTION Creating more alcoholics

    What evidence do you have this is a viable service? Enthusiasm doesn't put food on the table. Took a quick look at your landing page and the offer doesn't really seem to match who you say the market is. e.g. You're saying I don't have time to read books or have an event in a few days... but...
  13. Kyle Tully

    Commandment of Need vs. Commandment of Entry

    Depends on a few things. How well you validated the need in the beginning. How good you're doing at filling that need. How good you are at getting the solution in front of the right people. What specifically you're struggling with. Etc. What in particular are you finding hard?
  14. Kyle Tully

    Know Any Adult Friendly e-Mail Marketing Services ...?

    I know a few guys in the dating niche who use interspire. (Self hosted.)
  15. Kyle Tully

    HOT TOPIC I feel so alone...

    Maybe you should be looking for perspective. I'm not here to burst your bubble, but lets look at it from your parents perspective: You're living on their dime, under their roof. You skipped college and appear to mostly be playing video games. You've been a writing a "self help" book, despite...
  16. Kyle Tully

    EXECUTION My Own Automotive YouTube Channel!

    Trailer looks cool. But I wouldn't think of the YouTube channel as the business. I'd be using it to get people off YouTube and into my own site where you can build a list, sell products, and have control. Sent from my iPhone using magic.
  17. Kyle Tully

    WEB/DIGITAL Sell it or Monetize More, Then Sell?

    Sell it and get it off your mind.
  18. Kyle Tully

    Finding and sticking to something?

    That kinda sums it up. You know you need a clear goal, but you don't have one. What does fulfilment mean to you? What are "great" returns? What do you enjoy doing? Purely following a passion might not be a great idea, but at least being clear on who you are and what your strengths are can...
  19. Kyle Tully

    EXECUTION Bicycle hustling for fun and profit

    That's the hook for your info product right there. This is all most people really want to know, how to make a few hundred extra bucks a month to take the pressure off. Take detailed notes on exactly what you're doing, set an aggressive goal to get a report written covering your process, then...
  20. Kyle Tully

    MEETUPS Action Step: Start a Meetup. [check!]

    This is partly about doing some recon on what the event is all about and who's going to be there, and partly about attending different events and finding the gold. e.g. I've been to at least a dozen different seminars here in Sydney... once... but there is only one I continue to attend (other...
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