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  1. zaiteku

    Matsushita Leadership

    I just finished reading this one and I highly recommend it! At first I must admit I was not really into studying up on Matsushita (Panasonic, Sanyo, National brands) as it was such a massive company (it dwarfed Sony) that I had it in my head it was started by some sort of venture capital, or...
  2. zaiteku

    A startup question: Revenue to hard assets to income?

    Hi all, I formed my startup as an LLC with one partner. Its a service business thats based on a monthly subscription model. The startup idea has been validated and its growing. Revenue is starting to get to a decent monthly level and its prompted me to step back and take a look at the...
  3. zaiteku

    REAL ESTATE Acquiring Financing

    Hey guys, any ideas on how I can secure financing to buy a second property (to be used as a rental) and get around the 25% down minimum that is typical nowadays? I know I could partner with another investor, or secure more exotic forms of finaning, but has anyone been getting typical loans...
  4. zaiteku

    Entertainment- a real need?

    When working in the games industry, we always call it one of the toughest industries because there is no real need for entertainment products as compared to other needs. But is this really true? If so, why get into the entertainment industry at all? I think there is a "need" for...
  5. zaiteku

    How divvy up profits in a multi-partner IP business??

    Hey guys! Some partners and I have an idea to start this apparel and merchandising company. Lets say there are 4 of us, 2 doing art/design/marketing materials, and 2 that are doing "some" art/design and also helping with some back end business stuff. This is a setup that is kinda like Fubu...
  6. zaiteku

    Selecting an Idea to Execute

    Hi guys, after reading the Fastlane book, I found it very informative and inspiring. Some great information in the book that I liked were the sections on business passing a basic litmus test. Business has to have the following: 1. have a legitimate need 2. barrier to entry 3. control of...
  7. zaiteku

    Brad Bird in McKinsey on fostering innovation

    Some Principles apply to many things: Pixar’s Brad Bird on Fostering Innovation
  8. zaiteku

    How do they do that!?

    Hey guys, I came across this T-Shirt company that makes some really cool stuff: Shelf Life Clothing – Designer Graphic T-Shirt Vendor/Retailer but my question is, how do they get away with using some of the imagery? Some of it seems like it would be owned by someone else. For...
  9. zaiteku

    WEB/DIGITAL LLC Allocations

    Hi, I guess this could be for a regular biz and not just ebiz, but since Im building an ebiz I thought I would just list it here. I am forming an LLC with 3 partners. We will be getting paid based on Milestones. So for example, the company gets paid 100K, we split it 4 ways, 25K each, electing...
  10. zaiteku

    Day Trade ETF's?

    what do you guys think of Day Trading ETF's? Like the Ultras (QLD, DXD) etc? What are the Pros and Cons that you see to this?
  11. zaiteku

    REAL ESTATE NZ RE market

    Anyone here living in NZ? or own property in NZ? Im heading down there for vacation in Nov. and I was gonna check out some property while there, as Id like to get something small for myself, and maybe a rental if the market supports it. But I dont know the market conditions right now, it seems...
  12. zaiteku

    6Mil from ATMs?

    This is a sad story, and not to detract from that fact, but what caught my eye, was that he went from probably less than 1Mil net to 6Mil in a few years using ATM's. Anyone else had some success with this? Millionaire businessman killed in Kaimuki moped crash | | The...
  13. zaiteku

    OFF-TOPIC In these troubling times...

    These are tough times we be in, but I thought I'd share the words of Frederick Jackson Turner's great speech on what "Americanism" was. To him, an American in the west, was "shaped by the challenge of his situation". How the frontier shaped an American into something unique. I think his words...
  14. zaiteku

    OFF-TOPIC Life in the Country?

    has anyone here either retired to, or is running their own thing (business or investments) from a farm or other rural area? I wondering if anyone that has made a significant amount of dough, has had it with, or wanted to get away from city life, or even suburbian life? and if so, how is it...
  15. zaiteku

    WEB/DIGITAL 50 Best Sites of 08,28804,1809858_1811192,00.html
  16. zaiteku

    WEB/DIGITAL Sproutbuilder Brainstorm

    Hi guys, I wanted to start a thread on application brainstorming. It looks like a cool marketing tool, I wanted to hear everyones ideas on ways to use the tool for marketing purposes, or any purpose! Ive been experimenting with making some banners in it, as well as some vids...
  17. zaiteku

    REAL ESTATE Need help analyzing a potential deal

    hi all, I have a potential deal that just got dropped in my lap, and it has some pros and cons, so I wanted to get your input, and see if its really a good deal or not. Here is the situation: I have a family member, in Hawaii (where housing costs are astronomical- totally unaffected by sub...
  18. zaiteku


    Does anyone invest overseas? I was wondering what the tax implications are? For example, if I own a rental unit in NZ, do I HAVE to repatriate the money to the US each year? or can I leave it in an account over there for as long as I want? Would this shelter me from US Fed. income tax as long...
  19. zaiteku

    WEB/DIGITAL Marketing Plan

    Hi guys, my business venture is starting to take off, and its going very well as far as early stage development of the software and planning, and I now have some initial seed money which should be good for a year with my current stock of employees. But Ive noticed, my marketing plan is a huge...
  20. zaiteku

    WEB/DIGITAL Investing in Online Companies

    Hi, there are some great high tech and internet companies starting up here in town. Being in the industry I have had the opportunity to preview much of their technology and business models. I am partnering with one of the companies as far as technology, but thats about it for now. However, the...
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