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  1. jeffrost

    Need a mentor to get my income off the ground ?

    Spot on! Remember MJs CENTS formula and also the Ikigai principle - Choose something that You love You're good at People need People will pay for What are you top 3 practical skills? Good luck
  2. jeffrost

    OFF-TOPIC Post a Picture: Your Favorite Places to Spend Free Time

    Cherry, pear, apple trees. Raspberry, strawberry, blackcurrants, gooseberries
  3. jeffrost

    OFF-TOPIC Post a Picture: Your Favorite Places to Spend Free Time

    Sheffield, UK. My allotment growing potatoes, rhubarb, cabbages, courgettes....
  4. jeffrost

    Need help for stock images

    I have a paid subscription to About $15 pm It has stock photos, vector graphics and video clips. As well as free Pixabay and Pexels
  5. jeffrost

    What would you say to your younger self, in order to help him get his money fast

    Same here. I have seen what happens to those chasing money. Not good. Take it strong and steady, keep to your core values. Keep healthy. Follow your nose. Enough money will come if you set firm and fair boundaries..
  6. jeffrost

    MARKETPLACE Lex DeVille's - Advanced Freelance Udemy Courses!

    Hi Lex, I looked at several options including Kajabi and settled on the Divi theme on Wordpress with Learndash and divilms Feedback welcome All the best Jon
  7. jeffrost

    LANDFILL I paid my mentor £10,000

    I never lie and if I lie I tell you I'm lying! View:
  8. jeffrost

    HOT TOPIC Having Children...Pros and Cons?

    I love my 3 children, all grown up now. Irreplaceable. But if carbon footprint and sustainability are your highest priority then give them a miss! In the developed world the carbon footprint of a child is roughly 58.6 metric tonnes annually...
  9. jeffrost

    RANT Should I quit?

    This is like what I was going to say! Does it fit MJ's CENTS model?
  10. jeffrost

    LANDFILL I paid my mentor £10,000

    I'm curious. Can you tell me more? Do you have a link?
  11. jeffrost

    NOTABLE! A Fastlane Test - What is Your Locus Of Control?

    Is still live?
  12. jeffrost

    LANDFILL I paid my mentor £10,000

    My business was stuck. Annual turnover was stagnant. I knew something was missing. Then I heard a talk from an energetic, smiling, inspirational speaker that changed my life. It all made sense. Get the right mindset, the right product and the right strategy and you've got it made. I was...
  13. jeffrost

    NOTABLE! Lex DeVille's - How I Bought a $4k Laser and Started an Engraving Side Hustle for Free (super easy)

    There is definitely an opening for one click custom laser engraved product - I am working on it at - soon! Comments welcome. Here is a competitor Engraved Gifts & Promotional Products - Lilac Laser Engraved Gifts
  14. jeffrost

    INTRO A wee overdue introduction

    Hi Ants Welcome. You are in the right place. There are many supportive people here who will help you any way they can - as soon as you take some kind of action. What are your key saleable skills? Sell them. Best of luck Jon in Sheffield
  15. jeffrost

    Anyone else feel massively stupid after learning self development?

    When I went to lots of personal development events I kept seeing the same faces again and again. Don't be one of those people! Enjoy the experience of 10,000 people raving in unison, yes! But not more than a couple of times. True fulfilment comes from hard graft sooner or later. Wishing you...
  16. jeffrost

    Anyone else feel massively stupid after learning self development?

    I'm 58 you know! The feeling remains.
  17. jeffrost

    HOT TOPIC What High paid Skill is worth learning in 2020?

    And some say this is a Western interpretation of Ikigai. Another perspective from "Ikigai is a greatly misunderstood concept that millions of people believe involves doing something that you love, that the you are good at, that the world needs and that you can be paid for. This...
  18. jeffrost

    O/T: HEALTH Has anyone here got coronavirus this year?

    Hi Tony, Many people have Covid19 and don't know it because the symptoms are so mild. Some people are totally wiped out, but it is a small minority. My good friend Jeannie McGinnis was unlucky. She is a health fanatic, exercises regularly and speaks on wellness. Jeannie took 12 weeks to...
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