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  1. therealmark

    Sending 1,000 Emails/Day?

    SendGrid sucks. Don't believe the hype. That's just marketing fluff you linked to. SendGrid is really just a transactional email platform. They have a zero-tolerance for cold emails. The reality is you will get marked as spam by some of your recipients and SendGrid will close your account...
  2. therealmark

    EXECUTION Building a web design and marketing firm.

    Here is my advice as an owner of a reasonably successful development company... If you plan to do any of the coding yourself...pick a different business. You will get swallowed up into spending all day creating stuff for other people at an hourly rate... some people call this a job... Here is...
  3. therealmark

    MARKETPLACE KungFuSteve Hosts A Masterclass On Scaling Your Business!

    Just going to put a little endorsement on KFS and his program: I doubled my profit the first year I followed his strategies (last year). And it wasn't $1.00 to $2.00. It was $300k to $600k. I've kept re-using the same tools he mentioned in his post, and I've crushed seven figures in profit...
  4. therealmark

    HOT TOPIC Struggle to move forward every week? Get ACCOUNTABLE like Legendary Fastlaners do...

    Warning! If you like f*cking off and hiding behind excuses then don’t even think about hiring @LightHouse When @LightHouse first made this thread I saw it and thought that maybe I could get him to help me get some more done. I mean, this is the dude that brought us the GSD board… Six months...
  5. therealmark

    How I started and built my B2B importing empire

    Thanks @Walter Hay ! Rep transfered!
  6. therealmark

    My Amazon experience, as directed by Guru X

    Congratulations on your awesome learning experience! Thank you for sharing. A lot of people don't want to share experiences like this. They are more than excited to tell everyone about the successful product launches. I guarantee the next time you do something like this you will be even more...
  7. therealmark

    RANT All Meetings Are A Vain Waste Of Time - No Exceptions!

    meetings can be amazing. I host a 5-15 minute meeting every day with my employees. I know that is my chance to lay out policies and address issues. They know that is their chance to bring up anything that concerns them. We also hold a 1 hour meeting each week to go over goals and milestones...
  8. therealmark

    HOT TOPIC What are people NOT talking about anymore?

    Every business model on this thread was and still is a legit business model... aside from products like fidget spinners... The truth is always the truth. The people who are dedicated to providing the most value and are willing to take the most risk and put in the most work will succeed...
  9. therealmark

    RANT A week of work down the drain...

    Sounds like you interpreted Mr. Romero’s response as approval to go forward. That’s a great lesson to learn. Be excited that you learned the lesson with only losing a handful of hours and not thousands of dollars. Was he excited about getting your help. Did Mr. Romero invest a good amount of...
  10. therealmark

    RANT Quit now, get a job, and why bother. Everything is luck.

    So what are you going to change today that will put you closer to reaching your definition of success?
  11. therealmark

    EXECUTION What will you accomplish in 2019?

    Little late to this awesome thread. I hope 2018 was the best year ever for everyone. I hope 2019 is going to be even better. I don’t do resolutions but I will post my current goals here so I can be held accountable Read 50 books. Triple last years gross revenue for business A. Obtain seed...
  12. therealmark

    WEB SCHOOL Fox's 2019 Make $100k Starting Web Design from Scratch Challenge

    This is awesome @Fox I’m definitely subscribing to this thread! Quick question: You mentioned earlier in the thread that you use html templates. Is the content populated through a CMS of some sort or just hardcoded into the template files?
  13. therealmark

    MEETUPS 2019 Fastlane Summit: Preliminary Speaker Call

    I would be more than happy to speak. I could give a talk on a number of software business related things: Scaling a software business, building remote teams, creating raving clients in service.
  14. therealmark

    MEETUPS 2019 Fastlane Summit - Announcement

    Well bummer. I would have loved to attend this years event. I can’t argue with your decision and reason. I actually just started reading Essentialism based on a recommendation from the forum. I find this forum invaluable. This forum has helped me grow 10x faster by learning from others. If...
  15. therealmark

    EXECUTION Building & growing my SaaS tool

    Great update. Keep pushing. SaaS products are a lot more difficult to maintain then people realize.
  16. therealmark

    $1 , $10 , $50 $100 $1000............

    Personal expenses: I like to live by the 60% rule. I never let my lifestyle exceed 60 percent of my income. I think everyone has a different style but this helps me feel comfortable and avoid living outside my means. When it comes to business: Obviously you want to save money whenever you can...
  17. therealmark

    Video SUCS

    Thanks @Andy Black! I had found this service a couple months ago and could not remember the name nor find it on google. I want to use it to personally thank clients when we complete a web project.
  18. therealmark

    WEB SCHOOL Showcase your (web)design skills HERE

    Thank you so much! you made my day :) I haven't worked on strait a MEAN stack in quite a while. My preferred stack is Postgres, Laravel, Vue.js and Nginx. PLVN haha! But my projects are all over the board. I do WordPress, iOS, Android, Python, Node, etc... It's more about what the best solution...
  19. therealmark

    RANT The Supremacy of Selling

    I’ve got to read this book. I totally agree.
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