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  1. zaiteku

    REAL ESTATE Apartment Investing

    Thank you for this thread SteveO. Great stuff!
  2. zaiteku

    Matsushita Leadership

    I just finished reading this one and I highly recommend it! At first I must admit I was not really into studying up on Matsushita (Panasonic, Sanyo, National brands) as it was such a massive company (it dwarfed Sony) that I had it in my head it was started by some sort of venture capital, or...
  3. zaiteku

    Entrepreneurship comes with great sacrifices...

    Such a great list! For me its been a long learning process, mostly from failure. I made all kinds of mistakes in the beginning from hiring the wrong people, partnering with the wrong people, not focusing on sales and marketing, not having a good enough product, but the best lessons were not...
  4. zaiteku

    A startup question: Revenue to hard assets to income?

    Hi all, I formed my startup as an LLC with one partner. Its a service business thats based on a monthly subscription model. The startup idea has been validated and its growing. Revenue is starting to get to a decent monthly level and its prompted me to step back and take a look at the...
  5. zaiteku

    If You Are Hiring A Web Designer, What Would You Be Looking For?

    Ii kinda depends on what type of project. I like to find people that have good design sense as well as a good feel for UX. Depending on the site, UX can be more or less important, it really depends how the site is being used. If its just to have a web presence, then it doesn't matter as much...
  6. zaiteku

    Any advice on what makes a good bizness name?

    Short names are good and thinking about the domain is also a good idea. There are certain cases where your own name can be a good name. If you are an artist for example. But it depends on the business. I use a spreadsheet and just plug names into it for several weeks. I then sort the ones I...
  7. zaiteku

    Hello from New Zealand

    Hey Kiwibiz! welcome to the forum! I live in Hawaii but I have a lot of friends in Weta, so Im down in NZ about once a year. You have a beautiful country there! Good luck on your endeavors!
  8. zaiteku

    How To Build A Red Hot B2B Startup

    thanks for posting this article. Looking into a B2B for my next startup!
  9. zaiteku

    REAL ESTATE Donald Trump: The Mystery

    couldnt he have just done a commercial loan and had it setup like a construction loan? then he makes no payments on it until the construction/reno is complete. The bank is looking at the potential income of the hotel as the deciding factor in the loan and dont really care about his finances...
  10. zaiteku

    REAL ESTATE Acquiring Financing

    Hey guys, any ideas on how I can secure financing to buy a second property (to be used as a rental) and get around the 25% down minimum that is typical nowadays? I know I could partner with another investor, or secure more exotic forms of finaning, but has anyone been getting typical loans...
  11. zaiteku

    Anyone read The Education of Millionaires?

    I have read it, just finished it last week. I enjoyed it and I think it was well written. I'd say its a great paradigm shifting book with some good references for beginners looking to learn more about internet marketing and the right way to approach the new internet economy as opposed to the...
  12. zaiteku

    OFF-TOPIC Don Lapre: DEAD.

    "Don Lapre was arrested at a Lifetime Fitness location in Tempe, AZ, with serious self inflicted knife wounds to his groin, and had reportedly lived in the Lifetime Fitness location for 2 days" dang, man. Why the groin? it seems like pitchmen are always living on the edge...
  13. zaiteku

    REAL ESTATE Will we ever see a 0% mortgage?

    my cousin has a 1% mortgage in Japan. Its almost free money. Of course, his house will only go down in value over time...
  14. zaiteku


    I started out as an animator. I worked for George, as well as many other great companies. I have friends in Pixar, Weta, ILM, Digital Domain, SPI etc. Its a cool job if you "love" animation. Remember that you are learning a trade, like carpentry, so you need to really like doing it. A lot of...
  15. zaiteku

    Is it BS? E-myth, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert G. Allen, 4-Hour WW

    One of my friends from college read the E-Myth, and also signed up for the mentoring courses which cost a pretty penny. He knew nothing about business, as we both went to college for 3D Animation back in the 90s, and that was our career path for a while. He created a startup that now...
  16. zaiteku

    Entertainment- a real need?

    Awesome! thanks for your insights guys, good stuff! I do view it as a need for sure, it just has many saturated markets- have to find a way to cut through...
  17. zaiteku

    Entertainment- a real need?

    When working in the games industry, we always call it one of the toughest industries because there is no real need for entertainment products as compared to other needs. But is this really true? If so, why get into the entertainment industry at all? I think there is a "need" for...
  18. zaiteku

    The Making Of FUBU - Interview with Daymond John

    such an awesome article, thx for sharing it!
  19. zaiteku

    Do you consider yourself AD(H)D ?

    I definitely have it but only after I started my business pursuits, before that I had really good focusing ability. I think its a re-wiring of the brain. But Im not complaining, if you channel it, its definitely an advantage I think (un-channeled its perhaps a disaster of no productivity.) -Ty
  20. zaiteku

    How divvy up profits in a multi-partner IP business??

    Hey guys! Some partners and I have an idea to start this apparel and merchandising company. Lets say there are 4 of us, 2 doing art/design/marketing materials, and 2 that are doing "some" art/design and also helping with some back end business stuff. This is a setup that is kinda like Fubu...
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