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  1. I_abhimanyu

    INTRO 28 years old, Broke but not Dead

    It was too capital intensive. I rushed into it, mesmerised by the "follow your passion culture". I Tried expanding venture without going deep. Then came bad partnerships, everyone wanted to have a say on how things should be, eventually turning the whole thing into a mess. Two things I learnt. I...
  2. I_abhimanyu

    INTRO 28 years old, Broke but not Dead

    Hi, I am Abhimanyu(manu for short). I have just finished Unscripted and the millionaire fastlane. I have tried multiple jobs as off now but could not sustain any of those jobs for more than a year. Started my own business, ran it for two years and then ran out of money. But it was a still a far...
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