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    OFF-TOPIC So I was wondering how to become a Count...

    Mostly because I wondered what they were; and if someone even could become one anymore. Anyway, I came across this site: Royal Titles: Become a Lord or Lady today. Apparently, according to the site, it is possible to become any of these: a Lord or Lady a Baron or Baroness a...
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    REAL ESTATE Rich Dad - Learn To Be Rich Seminar

    I am attending this seminar in Cleveland Ohio; and would like to share some of its points with everyone. It's Friday through Sunday, though, so I've only been through Day 1 as it stands. Once we got past the obvious basics in the morning, however, there were a few very good tips for the day...
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    Well, I may not have a success story just yet, like AroundTheWorld does; but I can certainly share my failures! Haha For my 15th birthday, I went to a local Scottrade and opened an account with them; and that was my birthday gift. An account with $500 from my parents, and $150 from my...
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    Turbo Tax

    I couldn't find any post just about this program, and seeing as how it's tax season, I'm sure it was bound to pop up somewhere. Simply put, I'm just wondering if anyone uses this, or finds it useful... or what people may think of it. This is the first year I'll have to deal with personal...
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    OFF-TOPIC Philosophy On Life

    There is so much to the world today, So many people, so many places, so many things... How can one balance everything, keep their integrity and hold their life together; with no regrets? Making the best decision at every turn, and holding their friends close, yet still living life to the...
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    Penny Stock [Success!]

    I have noticed throughout this section of the website, that a few people have been interested in penny stocks; however, whenever someone is, someone else always seems to tell them that it is more like gambling than investing. Or, that it isn't likely, not a good way to invest, etc. etc. I...
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    Making A Plan

    Generally speaking, most successful investors have a plan. As I continue to invest in stocks, and not do nearly as well as I think I should be doing, I keep wondering if it's because I don't have an *exact* plan. I have a general idea, and I tend to go with that because I always thought that...
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    OFF-TOPIC Choosing A Vehicle

    So, I totally need help picking the ride that I'll get when the time comes (when I have the money lol). And, I think there are at least a few car people on this forum, so, what are your recommendations? And, how much do they cost? :)
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    Choosing A Vehicle

    In a great deal of threads on this forum, people talk about how they make their money. Those who already have success in an area obviously have already chosen their vehicle, and mastered it, or at least know how to make money with it. But, for those of us who haven't been successful yet, and...
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    What is the drive behind you when you are working towards financial freedom or wealth? Do you want freedom? A new car? Retirement? Do you enjoy building wealth? Want to provide for your family? A gift for your significant other? Increase cashflow? Build a business? Gain self esteem? Help fund a...
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    Millionaire By Age 18

    This is a personal goal I've had, truly, since I began learning about investing back when I was 14 years old. Since then, I've invested in the stock market, ran my own business, and learned/read a LOT! Truly, I don't think this goal is out of my reach, but we'll see where I land in a little...
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    How Do YOU Pick A Stock?

    Essentially, how is it that you determine where a stock is going (or where you think it's going) and what you want to do with that information (buy, sell, short, put/call options, etc.)? Also, what resources do you use to get the information? Personally, I mostly do T/A, using
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    WEB/DIGITAL Turning Website Into A True Business

    I have a few websites that I am currently making a profit off of, by selling products that I am affiliated with on clickbank, commission junction, and other sites like them. To be perfectly honest, I would like to sell my own product, but I'm trying to take this one step at a time. What advice...
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    A 16 Year Old, With Experience!?

    Yes, it's true! Hello, my name is David, though, as my popular internet name is NerdSmasher, most people tend to just call me Nerd. I, am only 16 years old, and have been researching, reading, learning, and doing all I can to find out ways to make money (I don't expect to live a frugal life)...
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