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  1. DebtFreeDr

    Growing email lists

    Are there any resources or threads regarding growing a current email list? If not, I'd be happy to start one and share what I've learned thus far with my blog.
  2. DebtFreeDr

    Rapid Wealth: The Interstates - Chap 35 MFL

    I literally just read Chap 35 of the MFL titled Rapid Wealth: The Interstates, had an idea and now want your input. My goal is to exit my periodontal surgery practice in 5 years or less (I'm 47) and transition full time to educating busy professionals about FI using real estate via my site and...
  3. DebtFreeDr

    Interested in how to start a SUCCESSFUL Blog or make one better?

    I've become inspired by @Valier diary of his success starting his YT channel. Reading through all 11 pages of comments plus his well documented updates has helped me tremendously recently start my own channel. It's made me want to share my success I've had starting a blog from scratch and...
  4. DebtFreeDr

    Growing a new YouTube Channel

    I'm a doctor turned passive real estate investor that has been blogging about it for 3 years. Recently I've started noticing that I'm enjoying learning via YouTube more than my previous method, listening to podcasts. There's something about being able to see someone (instead of only hearing...
  5. DebtFreeDr

    Passive Real Estate Syndications

    Hello, I'm a new subscriber, first time poster and just found MJ through a podcast, ordered his books and am hooked (still can't believe how I've NOT come across The Millionaire Fastlane until now but better NOW than NEVER). I'm looking for others to connect with that have invested in passive...
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