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    New tie down system

    So I was outside the other day putting up my tie down straps and was like “damn I am tired of having to wind up the straps to keep them from getting tangled.” Then it occurred to me. What if there was a quick release self winding tie down strap? Similar to the seatbelt design. Double barrel...
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    Never been good with ever!

    Ok so I have history of being a true financial f***up. I am about to finish my Master’s degree in Radiology Administration which will hopefully make me more money (not rich slowlane) to help pay my debt. I have quite a bit of debt so it make take me a while to pay it all off. My question is...
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    INTRO From Sidewalk to Slowlane to hitting the gas pedal and flooring it in the POV lane and flipping the bird to the slowlane!!!

    Hello everyone!! I walked the sidewalk and thought I needed to impress people and bought stupid crap because I thought it would make me feel better. It was temporary gratification and in the past year I knew it was a time for a change. I was tired of working from paycheck to paycheck and I...
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