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  1. Chosenone

    Product sourcing monetization

    Hello, I have significant experience with product sourcing and most important great relations with many producers (EPDM, PVC, WOOD material and etc.) in Eastern Europe. Of course, in order to get to this point, I went trough many trials and errors (expensive ones) and am aware of the value...
  2. Chosenone

    Raw material prices

    Hi Fastlaners. The raw material prices might play a major role in our sourcing strategy. By following them, we know when to push the manufacturer for discounts or to expect increase. To have full control over our product, we need to know the direct and indirect raw materials used for it's...
  3. Chosenone

    Merch by Amazon, is it worth the time?

    Hi Fastlaners, I'm considering investing some time (and money) in Merch by Amazon as a side hustle. The plan is to completely outsource the designs and focus only on marketing for several hours a week (can't spend more at this point). Does someone have an experience with this model? Is it...
  4. Chosenone

    INTRO Greetings from Bulgaria

    Hello Fastlaners, Time for me to introduce myself (after reading both books and scanning the forum on stealth mode). 30 years old, living in Sofia, Bulgaria, working full time as Purchasing manager for international manufacturer and pushing side hustles (eCommerce platforms arbitrage, crypto...
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