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  1. Shirkahn

    My new website - advise on marketing medium to use

    Hi Guys, I just launched my new website selling car hoods with racing livery on as wall art and some apparel as well. I would like to get your opinion on how to market it better with out of the box effective approach: My plan is to market it very target orientated in...
  2. Shirkahn

    Online Tax Return

    Hi all, being new to business I need to file my first tax return with zero turnover in the business for last year (this year is already different). Any recommendation on how to file the easiest and cheapest way due to zero turnover? Its for a single member LLC and Iwant to keep it seperate...
  3. Shirkahn

    WEB SCHOOL Ecommerce platform with customization option

    Any recommendations on what online ecommerce Plattform can help me with the following customization options (not I have no coding skills and only able to create websites with Shopify or wix etc) It's for a window business with the following options, example website...
  4. Shirkahn

    EXECUTION Buying my Porsche

    So I have been postponing my Porsche purchase for a couple of years now and I thought it would make a great birthday present for myself next year. Was talking to my wife about it last night and she has no problem with but acknowledges that I always postpone. So she suggested I start a separate...
  5. Shirkahn

    OPM or funding

    In all my previous business I invested in my own basic infrastructure and then used OPM (other peoples money) to run the business and build it. When I refer to OPM, I mean customers not investors. Most of the products I have offered required a 50% deposit, 40% payment prior to delivery and then...
  6. Shirkahn

    Suggestion on Roles & Responsibilities with KPI's

    One of my biggest challenges is implementing a 1 page roles and responsibilities with KPI's for each of my staff members. Every time I review or look at a R&R, I feel it does not hit the right spot or its too detailed/overwhelming and its not result orientated. I don't mind adding an additional...
  7. Shirkahn

    Weekly stand up meeting

    For the past few month I have been trying to get the best out of my employees at so called shop floor meeting. Once a week we stand at our white board and discuss tasks past, in progress and what needs to be escalated. Everyone has to present his 2 new top tasks for the week, discuss...
  8. Shirkahn

    EXECUTION Setting Goals

    This is a topic I have researched and gotten advise on allot. Most crap, allot too complicated and others a waste of time. Resulting in developing my own format, jumbled together from external sources, that to this day still changes and gets adjusted according to books i am or have read. MFL...
  9. Shirkahn

    Business registration

    Being new to the US I was hoping to get some advise on registering a company. I am considering an LLC in Connecticut and would like to know if someone can recommend a company that would do all the admin required. I would like a full package so i can get started right away and not have to...
  10. Shirkahn

    INTRO Fell back into the scripted life

    After escaping the scripted life very early in my life and starting and operating a few business I had to pack up and leave the country we have lived in for over 20 years due to crime and bad politics. After a few failed attempts at starting a business I finally struck gold and build a very...
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