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  1. ytomasch

    Trend tools.

    What is everyone's favorite tool to analyze trends to begin with CENTS? I've personally been using eBay trending (medical masks #1 as of 1/29), and google trends by location.
  2. ytomasch

    EXECUTION After almost 7 years on here, I have finally have a revenue-generating business

    The only true failure is when you fail to get back up after being knocked down. Any other time i'd just call it a learning experience.
  3. ytomasch

    GOLD! How I Lost a Million Dollars, But Am Happier And Stronger Than Ever

    I can't speak for the others on this forum directly, but I definitely work the same way and assume many do. Stay strong.
  4. ytomasch

    EXECUTION Dream job made into business, app development

    I appreciate the help in terms of this forum, any advice on how to speak with other members without taking advantage of the platform as an advertiser? I don't want to necessarily take advantage.
  5. ytomasch

    EXECUTION Dream job made into business, app development

    I'm a bit confused as per the first part of your response. The company at the moment is a contractor style development company. People pay for apps to be developed via contract. At the end they end up with an app and possibly a separate support type contract. 'Your app' doesn't seem to apply, as...
  6. ytomasch

    EXECUTION Dream job made into business, app development

    Hey everyone, I will be using this thread to monitor the progress of my application development company I have created. Currently I have on internal product (app) being developed with a subscription model for income and multiple users lined up, and one contract to develop an application for a...
  7. ytomasch

    Too funny.

    Ignore the hype over big tech. Its products are mostly useless | John Harris Would love your thoughts. His ending had me laughing.
  8. ytomasch

    EXECUTION My road to freedom - mobile app and web company

    I am on a similar journey, if you have any interest in connecting with someone also starting an App Development team PM me.
  9. ytomasch

    Th F*ck This Event

    This. I can barely sleep with my current ambitions.
  10. ytomasch

    Prototyping plastic models.

    Hey guys, while I've done a-little googling, I've decided to ask for your help with the next stage of my business. There seems to be an immense amount of value here. Anyways, I've been prototyping sensors for a home security system and have come to a roadblock. How do I prototype the plastic...
  11. ytomasch

    INTRO 18 years old, second venture.

    Going to keep it short, but I'm 18 years old and MJ changed my life. For awhile I had a strong interest in the scripted life, but that changed quickly after reading Fastlane and Unscripted. Since then I have launched one minimally profitable E-commerce site, and am moving into Home Security...
  12. ytomasch

    EXECUTION My road to freedom - mobile app and web company

    Your parent is a great starter project. Usually they will cover any expenses you run into (first month hosting payment???), and will be a great seed to share your project with other potential clients. Once you have a few happy clients and your bills paid you're in. Goodluck!!
  13. ytomasch

    EXECUTION Killer Software Project

    Hey man, I'm new to registering here, but I've been around for awhile. I wanted to point out that as in Unscripted (you've read), MJ highlights that it's okay to be out of 'balance' and obsession in your creation is actually a great and powerful thing. Goodluck and keep up the hard work.
  14. ytomasch

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I've read the book, it's great. Not sure why a flair is important but, figured it may be later on.

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