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Hello, my name is Young-rahn.
I'm from Seoul, Korea and currently living in England.
I've been married for 2 years and a half and my husband is a paralegal in the Air Force. He decided to separate from the military when we were newly-weds and he is going to school (full-time) in August to become a computer engineer. So, I'm planning on joining a full-time 'breadwinner' club as a female immigrant in America soon.
I am actually working now as a waitress at a small hamburger restaurant in Newmarket in England which I live in.
Well, I've ALWAYS been working.
Here are the jobs I've had ever since I graduated from high school.
a flyer distributor on trains, a cook, a cashier, an English tutor, an office assistant, an English teacher, a secretary, a bartender, a waitress, a salesperson, a homemaker, a seamstress, a babysitter, and an illegal worker(That was years ago :arghh:)
I had those jobs in Korea, the Philippines, America and England.
Yes, I'm what lots of Korean folks call, 'a grasshopper', who just can't fit in one job :hilarious:
I enjoy reading good books, watching mystery documentaries, cooking Korean food, swimming, sewing, altering clothing, doing yoga, cleaning and spending time with family.
Most people who know me describe me as an outgoing and open-minded person, but I consider myself an introvert and sometimes a quite conservative person. I can't stand people who ask too many questions and people who are desperate for relationship.
I want to start a Korean food business in America 3 years later after leaving England in July this year. and when I earn more free time as an entrepreneur, I want to share my service and time with people in need especially elderly people who need company.
But first I should put an end to my action-faking. Right? :cool:

Thank you for reading. and Nice to meet you here whoever you are! :smile2:
Nov 29, 1980 (Age: 41)
England originally from Korea
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homemaker, waitress, volunteer, student


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