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First, I'm French. Yeah, that sucks I know. But I try not to be the standard french most people hate. Before I started to read UNSCRIPTED, I knew something was awfully wrong in my life, I coulnd't fit anywhere in any company, with any other "normal average people within the SCRIPT", nor I could stand TV, entertainment or Medias. (oh well, except videogames). The SCRIPT doesn't seem to like me neither if I consider how I've been living atypically for now. Since my young age, I've been searching for my use and reason to exist in this world. I'm one step beyond the start line as an entrepreneur, now that my mind knows what's wrong and now I said f*ck you to my employeer, I'm willing to start my real life.
April 12
Saint Cloud
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Real Estate: Rehab/Fix/Flip
Web creation, Photoshop addict




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