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    HOT TOPIC Make Money with building Websites: The ultimate Way

    I was reading this out to my mentor and we both had a good laugh . People spend a fortune and burn years at college to earn degrees just to make some basic living only to see the sales guy with no degree taking home the big dough .
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    INTRO Aslamulaikum from Dubai!

    Hi Everyone, Wisam here. I’ve been in and out of this forum for many years but finally took the time to introduce myself. I am a Property consultant based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates I’ve been a moderator and co-admin of many forums before back in 2008 (those websites don’t exist now)...
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    SOLD COMPANY & NET £500k FROM IT - what next?

    Hey Dan, Congratulations on hitting your 500k milestone. If it’s real estate you’re interested to invest in, I can advise you . Let me know . Welcome to the forum!
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