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    RANT A MAJOR problem in Social Media

    and after the 12 months are up you'll be up for another 24 months. like a boss.
  2. WaterWerks

    INTRO A hopeless idiot

    give up and then what ? wheres the fun in that ? we've all been where you are, at some point in our lives, but giving up is pointless. it can be draining physically and even more mentally, but i bet my last penny that something in the back of your mind tells you to keep going. and a bad life...
  3. WaterWerks

    RANT A MAJOR problem in Social Media

    i used to think things were hard, until i started doing them.
  4. WaterWerks

    INTRO Hello FastLaners! Here's the short version of my story.

    so many people get lost with the thoughts and miss out on so much.
  5. WaterWerks

    INTRO Hello FastLaners! Here's the short version of my story.

    welcome sir, no matter what you hear out there HEALTH is the number one priority.
  6. WaterWerks

    Feeling tired comparing myself to wealthy scripted family

    yea i do feel like that sometimes, but i try to get over that hump. for you, its family at the end of the day. let your guards down relax, take a look around and be happy.
  7. WaterWerks

    I saw something interesting today at work

    audi vehicles aren't cheap, plus having a vehicle financed or leased would require the buyer to have it under a full coverage policy. some people would rather pay and be a bit more comfortable,
  8. WaterWerks

    I saw something interesting today at work

    idk man, i lost you after your slave to the system sentence. kind of a negative way to view it but i can sorta understand your point of view. seems like you need to step away from the hate bubble and start seeing things differently. you're feeding this strong energy into new and old...
  9. WaterWerks

    INTRO So I turned 34.

    keep on keeping on my friend. nothing comes easy, if it was we would all be wealthy and great. things can always be much worst. it'll take time but your day will come.
  10. WaterWerks

    NOTABLE! How I made $4,000 in 3 months By Executing HARD

    good job man, you should be proud no doubt indeed. keep it up. entertainment is something people will always need. you found a great way to fill that in. best wishes
  11. WaterWerks

    EXECUTION Selling the language courses online - my first serious try to become a fastlaner

    best of luck to you. sounds interesting and sounds like you've got your mind set straight.
  12. WaterWerks

    How do you deal with the "rainy days".

    im not a more experienced entrepreneur by any means, but ill chime in. when emotions collide with your mental thinking depending on what you're thinking your mood is bound to change. for better or worst. it wasn't a cloud ready to ruin your day until you made it out to be a cloud that will ruin...
  13. WaterWerks

    HOT TOPIC What books are you reading currently?

    just read the alchemist. currently reading the seven spiritual laws of success by Deepak Chopra. cheers
  14. WaterWerks

    INTRO I've been losing for 5 years

    is it really losing if you learned from it and experienced from it ? you took a dive at something you put your mind to and thats something some of us have yet to do, i haven't even put my feet in the water. you got what it takes, you've done it once and you can damn sure do it again. trust the...
  15. WaterWerks

    Don't know where to start.

    i believe in one way or another all of us on this forum are here because of the way our minds are wired. we aren't wired to find a job and settle, we want more, we seek a better way. so you're definitely in the right direction. that's one step forward. best of luck sir.

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