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    GOLD! Come and watch me make FU money: Over $100K/mo now.

    Thank you! I'm nowhere near that number of SKUs, but I've definitely seen an increase in sales as I grow my business/stock. I think your numbers are great even during the pandemic! I also had my best month ever last month, but I'm still in the 4 figures range, hoping to reach 5 figures soon!
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    GOLD! Come and watch me make FU money: Over $100K/mo now.

    Question: I know it depends on the product, margin, etc, but just to get an idea. I think I read somewhere on the thread that your avg product cost is about $5 and your average sale price is $20. Do you have about 50K on inventory? If not, assuming a $5 product that sells like hot cakes, how...
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    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I just finished reading it. I would not call it "life changing", but I definitely learned from the commandments section (NECTS in my edition of the book).
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    Health Insurance Options when leaving employer

    We've had the Christian Share one (mychristiancare) for over three years now. Yes, the don't cover a few things (like annual physicals) but they just paid for my wife's prenatal check ups our daughter's birth and so far, all her well child office visits. When we signed up, it was about $400...
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    INTRO Want To Go Faster!

    Hello, MHP368, I'm not necessarily asking for something easier or walking away from what I already know works. I've actually tried growing the blog and online sales and they have. Like any other business, though, there are slow, good and great months, but I think I'm mostly frustrated because...
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    INTRO Want To Go Faster!

    I've been reading this forum on and off for a long time but I just decided to sign up. I've always liked buying & selling stuff, I still remember selling some Hot wheels back in 1st grade and using the proceeds to buy a nicer toy. During my teenage years, I sold clothing, rollerblade parts, car...

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