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    HOT TOPIC Jordan Peterson's Future Authoring program helped me achieve (literally) everything I wanted.

    I find it really soothing listening to him. And the stuff he says definitely makes sense. Thank you for the recommendation, i will take a look at all his other videos now.
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    HOT TOPIC Lead Gen for Local Service Businesses

    Thank you for your reply! So if you're doing Adwords for the client's website, you only take one client per niche per city? What about niches in the niche like specific lawyers, doctors etc? And what do you prefer: doing Adwords for the client's website or for your landing page for the client...
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    HOT TOPIC Lead Gen for Local Service Businesses

    One question: how do I handle clients in the same niche? If I rent one landing page to a plumber for a monthly fee, creating a second landing page for another plumber would be direct competition. Is there a way around it?
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    Help me validate my idea

    For now, I have 25 Impressions on my landing page and 1 email sign-up. I have to admit that the landing page is really basic. No image of the product, just a short text. So I guess the next step is putting up a store and trying to sell? Can I just order samples for that and try to sell them via...
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    Help me validate my idea

    Ok, so I let the Ads run for some days. For now, I have these stats: Broad KWs: KW1 5 Clicks 1.165 Impressions 0,43 % CTR 0,51 € CPC KW2 3 Clicks 890 Impressions 0,34 % CTR 0,63 € CPC KW3 2 Clicks 1.042 Impressions 0,19 % CTR 0,59 € CPC Exact KWs: KW1 5 Clicks 47 Impressions 10,46 % CTR...
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    Help me validate my idea

    I also put up some Google Ads with a landing page from Quickpages. No product pictures or anything. Just advertising the page with the slogan 'smallest X on the market'. So in 24 hours: Clicks: 10 Impressions: 3.097 CTR: 0,32 % CPC: 0,56 Ad Spent: 5,62 Btw, can't really believe that I got 3k...
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    Help me validate my idea

    Hi guys, so I stumbled upon this product by accident and realized, that the producer of it is really bad at marketing. I want to create a similar product and sell it better than he does. The search volume on google (non-US) is 10.000 (Google Keyword Planner) or 3.000 (other KW tools). Don't...
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    Countries to live in to optimize your costs

    Hungary. Low taxes for businesses and a good quality of life.
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    INTRO+ 30 year old millionaire but traded my time for money

    God, everyone says that making money via online poker is dead and you're killing it with 20-30k a month. How do you even do that? As the others said, I would keep playing poker and branch out into different new venues like online courses, real estate etc. You seem to be gifted with a talent, so...
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    INTRO Hi from Germany

    Hi Meike, fellow German here. Nice that you found your way to TFLF. Iwish you all the best on your journey!
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    HOT TOPIC How much money did you use to start your business?

    4k€. Business flopped, so I sold it for 2k€.
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    GOLD! Intro, AMA, and a Recent Sale for $6M of

    First of all, congratulations! $6M for an informational website is really great! Two short question: Are the pre-sale traffic numbers of Investment Junkie also covered by the NDA? And did you really only monetize through affiliate marketing?
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    Long Distance Relationship Coaching (WOULD LOVE FEEDBACK)

    You can also release parts of your knowledge on YouTube and share that via different channels. When they're hooked, you can sell your stuff. But I don't believe that the people would pay the price for your one-on-one coaching. Maybe offer two things: the personalized one-on-one coaching and a...
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    NOTABLE! Come and watch me make FU money: Over $100K/mo now.

    When it came to beauty products from China, I was always concerned about the quality. Like what if they put shitty ingrediends into their products and my customers get a rash or worse. How did you combat that? Did you got all products tested?
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    HOT TOPIC Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    Am I the only one who thinks that IOTAs market cap is way to high to see big upswings in the future?

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