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  • Hi mate, do you still use the forum?
    Hey dude. I've not been on for a while so I just got your message. What business are you in? I've just moved to China to teach English, and hoping to find products to export once I'm settled in.
    Still in a job just now. Where about are you originally from? Perth myself.
    Glasgow. There's a few other fastlaners there too.
    Hi Villain
    I don't know how to send PMs, or maybe I can't.
    Please can you share with me the dropbox folder of the copywriting challenge?
    My emai lis porqmail -- at --
    Thanks a lot
    Hi, Can you add me to the 30 day gary halbert dropbox? email:
    Thanks a lot man :)
    Hey Villian. Could you also invite me to the 30 day dropbox. email:
    Would appreciate it a lot : ) thx
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