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    What opportunities are 90% to 99+% success rate with low steady return? 50% with medium return?

    I think strategy becomes actually counter-productive when it actually stops you from launching and taking real action It seems that's where you are right now. If not, please give us more context about yourself, because based on the talk you look like a beginner without much real life experience...
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    Mowing lawns, washing cars, and cleaning houses(to fill the snowy winter months). All rolled into a business?

    I think what he means is basically go out there and actually DO SOMETHING , get REAL LIFE feedback and then we can actually discuss because all we're seeing right now is mental masturbation based on no real actions. The people who gave advice on this thread actually did the job and based their...
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    Idea to make millions

    My thoughts are, Ideas NEVER make millions, but action does. So how about you go at it and tell us how it goes ? (and ask the forum advice along the way) you can never be sure if something will work before actually trying it.
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    Need help with cold outreach

    The author is actually a well known forum member
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    EXECUTION Holy $H!T, I'm launching my new kickstarter project tomorrow!

    Hello ! Congrats man , hope you succeed ! I'm actually really interested but living in Europe.. Will it be available here right away or even at some point ?
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    MARKETPLACE Walter Hay's Business Books

    Hello @Walter Hay ! I've sent the 90$ via Paypal for PROVEN GLOBAL SOURCING. + LABELS THAT EXPLOIT. Can't wait to get the books and learn from them. Thank you very much.
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    WEB SCHOOL Some questions about web design

    Which is in itself a form of helping for free. Both can be right.
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    WEB SCHOOL Some questions about web design

    But he literally does that on his threads though ?
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    MARKETPLACE KungFuSteve Hosts A Masterclass On Scaling Your Business!

    Well I guess it's doomed for me, I think my card has a problem. It works on some websites and doesn't on others. Will it be possible to buy the content of the masterclass at some point, @Kung Fu Steve ?
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    MARKETPLACE KungFuSteve Hosts A Masterclass On Scaling Your Business!

    Hi, I've tried to join but my card got declined, I'm not really sure why.
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    HOT TOPIC Dan Pena's system

    I think nobody in the world can/will give you the answer you're looking for unless it's someone who wants to take advantage of you and/or sell you something. But good luck.
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    HOT TOPIC The 75 Hard Challenge + Live Hard by Andy Frisella (2020 version)

    Imagine losing the challenge because of delaying the 10 pages of the book at night and forgetting about it.. yep, that's me. Back to day 1.. I'm so frustrated right now. Trying to do most of the challenge in the morning seems to be the way to go.
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    HOT TOPIC The 75 Hard Challenge + Live Hard by Andy Frisella (2020 version)

    Day 1 was a succes (Thank you guys for the advices about the water, when you stretch the intakes throughout the day it's actually not that hard). Day 2 Here we go ! Writing this right after the 6AM outdoor workout, I've also added cold shower to this because it actually feels great after the...
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    HOT TOPIC The 75 Hard Challenge + Live Hard by Andy Frisella (2020 version)

    I'm a little late but You know what ? I'm in starting tomorrow, Let's Go !
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    MARKETPLACE Can Web Design Be Profitable for You - The NO “Hype” Fox Web School Legends Program

    Hello ! Is the program available ? it seems i can't receive the invitation email. Thanks
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