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It all started when I had gone through again and again the interview process that is time consuming and competitive. It felt like I had to beg people to 'pick me pick me' and still, after so many interviews I had never been chosen for the jobs I really wanted. So I said fine, since I am unemployable I will become what I was meant to be.

Began reading and studying entrepreneurs and came across the phrases add value and problem solving in what the contribute their success to so I contributed my studying towards that. Then I found the forum and then MJ's book and decided if someone can create a forum where people gather specifically for the topic of entrepreneurship then I decided buy the book. Then loved the whole book. It put in clear words exactly how I felt. Before I had an feeling that something was wrong but the book proved my suspicions.

Now I am thankful that someone like MJ could provide me with life lessons and advice I wish my father would have told me when I was younger. I was being taught the opposite which got me absolutely nowhere.

I dedicate every day to be unscripted and to break old chains.
Mar 22, 1994 (Age: 26)
Rhode Island
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